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Lisa Patrick + Assessments 24x7

DISC Profiler Card Deck

In collaboration with Lisa Patrick, Assessments 24x7 is proud to offer the DISC Profiler Card Deck that can be used as a quick reference for connecting with anyone. These cards are an invaluable behavioral profiling system.

DISC Profiler Card Deck

Connect With Anyone

It's very simple with the DISC Profiler Deck to 'Treat others how they'd like to be treated.'

The trick is to determine the personality style of the other person, and then tailor your communication and your behavior to meet their needs and style.

Using the DISC Profiler cards is a fast and simple way to learn more about who they are and more importantly, how you can communicate with them more effectively.

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How It Works

While we are made up of all four personality styles, we all have one predominant type. The trick is to figure out what is the personality style of the other person, and then tailor your communication and your behavior to meet their needs and style.

Simply, look at the front and back of the cards, order the cards from most like to least like you, OR have the other person do the same.

The first card (most like) is the primary, most dominant personality style. Now, use the communication card to help you navigate the conversations.

Get the DISC Profiler Deck of cards and laminated pocket-sized communication summary card. In combination, this is your instant reference to the four DISC behavioral personality styles represented on each of the cards

Get the communication strategies and tips to act as a guideline for you to use help you make connections faster while recognizing and dealing with each style.

Lisa Patrick

Virtual Communication Made Simple

Based on the principles of DISC, these cards are an invaluable behavioral profiling system that teaches users to identify - and use to their advantage - the predictable aspects of communication. Discover how to identify the behavioral styles of others and adapt your communication to more effectively communicate, increase others' sense of belonging, assemble more productive teams, better evaluate new hires, boost sales, develop "rockstar" leaders, and more.


Gamify Your Experience

With the right approach making a connection with anyone can be easy and fun when you use the DISC Profiler Deck. Whether that person is sharing the elevator with you, the stranger you meet at the next event, or a colleague in the office, they could become a future business partner, a career-changing connection, or a lifelong friend.

The DISC Profiler Deck are BASED ON NATURAL OBSERVABLE BEHAVIOR STYLES and EMOTIONS. Each card is assigned to a particular personality type,

The cards will help you quickly determine more about the person, without ever having to ask them any questions. Simply, ask them to put them in order as to how they ‘see themselves.’

Then use the information on the cards that is specific to their personality style to help you practice ‘The Platinum Rule’ and foster a deeper connection with them.

DISC Profiler Card Deck

Increase Sales

Teach your sales team powerful behavior observation skills that work, applying them in an effective sales cycle. Help them to see their own sales strengths and development areas, and focus on going from good to great in their interactions with others.

Increase Productivity

Measure performance and identify critical companywide issues. Identify with scientific accuracy the gaps across the organization’s key performance areas: culture, operations, leadership, training, service.

Make the right, bright decisions

Critical thinking and decision making is a vital success skill. In day-to-day decisions or strategic plans, identifying what risks may exist is essential in building a strong organization capable of innovation and responding effectively to change.

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