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Assessments 24x7 Partners

Our partnerships are one of the cornerstones of our company and we are pleased to feature a few of them here. They've taken our assessment customization to the next level in some very creative ways, and they all provide the high quality assessment products that you would expect from an Assessments 24x7 partner.

Assessments 24x7 Partners

Affiliate Partners

Countries Covered:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands
  • Nauru
  • Vanuatu
  • New Caledonia
  • Fiij
  • Tonga
  • Cook Islands
  • Samoa
  • Tuvalu
  • Tokelau
  • Tahiti
  • Easter Island

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Countries Covered:

  • Algeria
  • Dahomey
  • Enclaves of Forcados and Badjibo
  • France
  • French Sudan
  • French Togoland
  • Guinea
  • Italy
  • Ivory Coast/Senegal/Cameroon
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Niger
  • Senegal
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia
  • Upper Volta
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain

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Countries Covered:

  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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Countries Covered:

  • Netherlands
  • Dutch-speaking Aruba
  • Suriname
  • Sint-Maarten
  • Curaçao
  • Bonaire
  • Sint-Eustatius
  • Saba
  • Dutch-speaking Belgium including Brussels

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Technology Partners

Answer Intelligence (AQ) presents a strategic framework for elevating business communication by addressing key challenges faced by organizations, including talent management, digital transformation, sustainability, economic uncertainty, cybersecurity, and supply chain resilience.
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Take Flight Learning has taken the DISC model and infused some bird wisdom. By linking the four styles, Eagles (D), Parrots (I), Doves (S), and Owls (C), the styles are easy to remember and simple to apply. In addition to their Taking Flight with DISC foundational session, they have four addition programs that allow people to apply the styles into a variety of aspects of their work life. These include: Chameleon Leadership, Chameleon Selling, Innovating IDEAs, and ReDISCovering Conflict.

"Assessments 24x7 defines what it means to a partner. Their people are amazing. Their technology is simple to use and their profiles provide the foundation for transformation. We see them as an extension of our organization.”

Merrick Rosenberg, CEO, Take Flight Learning
Taking Flight With DISC Sample Report
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True Colors is a global training and consulting company with a proven model for maximizing organizational performance through better people performance. For more than 40 years, True Colors has helped millions of people find greater personal awareness and dramatically improve their inter-personal relationships. Our user-friendly programs help people of all ages understand and learn to recognize the unique differences that lead to miscommunication and conflict.

True Colors has been happily partnered with Assessments 24x7 for over a decade. For us- its all about service. The team at A 24x7 couldn’t possibly be more responsive to our dynamic needs- whether it be new product development or standard service we are always taken care of.

Robert Cook, CEO, True Colors International
True Colors Sample Report
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We've expanded the world renowned Classic DISC model of human behavior to include a biblical perspective on your behavioral style. By blending the knowledge from Scripture and understanding your God-given behavioral style you can become the person God created you to be. Biblical DISC provides insights into learning how to love and serve one another as Jesus did. Lead like Jesus is a global, non-profit, faith-based organization that provides leadership training based on Biblical truths.

"Assessments 24x7 provided the Platform we needed to introduce the online Biblical DISC® Assessment into the ministry and faith-based marketplace. Our experience working with Assessments 24x7 has been an answer to prayer. They provide innovative solutions to on-going product development, excellent customer service, valid and reliable assessments - always with integrity and professionalism."

Barbara Meiss, Director of Leadership Development, Lead Like Jesus
Biblical DISC Assessment Sample Report
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Sports are played by people, coached by people and managed by people, so it’s imperative to get the people side of sport right. We are experts in the ‘people side’ of elite sports. We work with you, strengthening what you’ve already established to further develop the performance of your people. While we’re best known for our AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and Sports ManagerDISC Profiles, we do more than just assessments.

"Our relationship with Assessments 24x7 is our most valued business partnership. With over a decade of working together, they have been consistent with their high level of service and reliability. Their team all have an incredible ‘can do’ approach to any opportunity or challenge, their professionalism is unmatched and their pursuit of excellence relentless. Thank you Tony, Brandon, Steve and your phenomenal team."

Liz Masen, CEO Athlete Assessments
Athlete Assessment Sample Report
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FiveFour helps companies with disengaged employees and disgruntled customers ignite a culture of customer success. Our process is ideal for businesses that have grown to the point where the founder or leader no longer has direct contact with front-line employees. That disconnect leads to undefined expectations for the customer experience. We help them design a world-class customer experience and define a culture of learning and development that gets them back on the path to growth.

The behavioral assessments from Assessments247 are an invaluable tool in our process of helping the leaders of the company lead in a new way. The assessments provide a vital window for each person to see themselves, how they interact with others and how they perform as a team. Every leadership group we assess gains self-awareness and sees new opportunities for better team alignment.

Nathan Schock, Co-Founder and President, FiveFour
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Employees are a company's most important asset. Yet, the hiring process is a time consuming and often expensive fragmented system consisting of various team members screening, emailing, calling, preparing spreadsheets and printing resumes. But the hard work and money spent often does not lead to the best results. At Hiring Steps, we have simplified that process.

"Partnering with Tony and Brandon at Assessments 24x7 has brought us closer to achieving our vision of becoming the matchmaker of hiring.  We are truly excited about the work we are doing together to revolutionize the industry!"

Danny Ing, Co-Founder, Hiring Steps
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DISC Daily emerged as a vital link between the DISC assessment and its application in everyday life. Acknowledging it requires practice to master any new skill, DISC Daily keeps the practice front-of-mind! The comprehensive 38-page DISC report, while informative, necessitates more than mere perusal for comprehension. So, a tool was created to anchor learning in a clients’ routine. This automated, client-centric approach also empowers coaches to gain and impart deeper understanding to their clients, resulting in tangible progress in client's lives. With affordability as its hallmark, DISC Daily ensures accessibility for all, fostering continuous growth and development. Visit the site or schedule a firsthand tour of the platform to explore its transformative potential.

Partnering with Assessments 24x7 is what got my business off the ground. I can still recall my first contact with the company. Jennifer Larsen, VP of Instructional Design and Education, talked with me, heard me, and came up with just what I needed to move my business to the next step.

Emily Bass, President and CEO, Emily Bass Strategies/The DISC Daily
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At Cross Check, we are transformation architects for people in business – passionate about unlocking human potential. Providing our clients with strategies for effective talent selection, onboarding, employee development, behavioural change, conflict resolution, creating world-class leaders, career progression, and creating purposeful teams built for performance and longevity is what we do best.

Thanks to Assessments 24x7 and their great range of quality assessment tools, we can empower our clients to explore their unique human resources, conquer their challenges, achieve transformation and ultimately reach their true potential.

Katrina Stephenson & Gillian Blackman, Co-Founders of Cross Check Australasia
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Assessments 24x7 powers millions of assessments globally.

Leading organizations and coaches utilize our assessment technology to guide their strategy for hiring & selection, performance evaluations, skills training, team-building, conflict management, promotion & succession planning, organizational restructuring, employee retention, and leadership development. For decades, we have partnered with companies both big and small, coaches, consultants, and trainers to give them the tools to succeed.

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Assessments completed through our technology platform

Tamarra Causley Robinson - Life Coach

I am currently in the certification process for HVP and EIQ Assessments and have found the process for certification to be smooth and the support of my understanding of the materials to be outstanding.

Kyle Gillette - Gillette Solutions

I wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for Assessments 24x7 and Dr. Tony Alessandra! You guys are awesome.

Paul Scaffidi - Performance Systems

Assessments 24x7 has been a leader in the assessment business by providing amazing assessments and outstanding support to their clients with class, consistency and quality.