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Workshop Leader Certification

These experienced trainers have been selected for their abilities to engage, teach, and wow learners by challenging participants to think differently, focus new ideas in a way that really works, and leave training sessions eager to apply their new skills.

DISC Workshop Leader Certification

The quest to ensure our members are the most knowledgeable and best-equipped in the business continues with our innovative Workshop Leader Certification program! Developed by assessment industry leaders and public speaking professionals, the Workshop Leader Certification program equips you with the tools needed to lead live, immersive workshops. Whether your next workshop is for a group of 5 or 500, you’ll have the confidence and content that typically takes months or years of research and development.

Online Training. On YOUR Schedule.

Each Workshop Leader Certification is a one-on-one online course with a Master Certified Practitioner. You determine the pace of the coursework and schedule the online sessions at your convenience.

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Course Summary

  • Complete Introductory Orientation call (30 mins)
  • Submit bio and head shot
  • Review Training Materials, Webinars and Resources
  • Complete final knowledge check

Self-awareness and Communication

Self-awareness and Communication

This course guides workshop participants on a path of heightened self-awareness and personal discovery. DISC Workshop Leaders can make this their cornerstone seminar, revealing each participant’s unique behavioral style blend and “how to” apply that knowledge prescriptively, boosting communication effectiveness. Studies indicate that 92% of workplace conflict is the result of misunderstanding and communication breakdowns. Entire organizations can apply DISC’s prescriptive lessons of behavioral adaptability to reduce employee conflict and turnover, increase productivity, and optimize team performance.

Transitioning from Peer to Leader

Transitioning from Peer to Leader

Transitioning from Peer to Leader is a course tailor-made for participants in transition from individual contributors to leaders - whether it be supervisor, manager or executive. DISC Workshop Leaders will guide new leaders through an engaging course, centered around understanding successful leaders’ many-faceted roles and responsibilities. Participants will be prepared for how to navigate employee stressors through DISC communication skills, and how to effectively share and manage performance expectations. Participants will focus on developing action plans to apply what they’ve learned. Transitioning from Peer to Leader may begin with a promotion, but it requires far more than just adapting to a new job.

Trust-Based Leadership

Trust-Based Leadership

Our strongest relationships are rooted in trust. An organization’s most critical relationships exist between its leaders and individual contributors. DISC Workshop Leaders can help organizations create an environment of leadership influence rooted in trust – through effective communication, credibility, and confidence. Participants will explore the impact their leadership style has on others, through activities and practical examples. Best practices include the importance of excellent listening, creating an environment of accountability, and identifying individual versus team needs. By remaining conscious of the leadership roles and responsibilities that trusting relationships, organizations can create a working environment focused on growth and retention.

Making Teams Work

Making Teams Work

Teamwork is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.” With this DISC Workshop, you can instill organizations with the skills, strategies, and tools to create teams that excel. During this skill-building course, workshop participants will learn how to assemble teams based on complementary behaviors to enhance communication, cooperation, and outcomes. Additionally, participants will learn to distinguish among varying attitudes and behaviors, using the insightful DISC Team Dynamics report.

Sales Optimization

Sales Optimization

One of DISC’s most intriguing applications is leveraging behavioral identification and adaptability for sales. Being able to efficiently identify the behavioral styles of others empowers professionals with the insights to adapt their selling style, to meet the buying style of their prospect. As seasoned sales professionals will tell you, winning a new client is really just the beginning of the professional selling process. Building and maintaining your relationships is critical for sustained, reciprocal sales success. Participants will also learn how to strengthen these relationships, in order to transform buyers into brand advocates. Other topics covered in this course include: identifying client needs, managing client expectations, and a complete exploration of the sales process from A to Z.

DISC Workshop Leader

The DISC Workshop Leader program specializes in the DISC model. Our DISC Workshop Leaders are assessment certified practitioners, qualified to deliver a variety of full or half-day, training workshops including:

  • Self-Awareness & Communication
  • Transitioning from Peer to Leader
  • Trust Based Leadership
  • Making Teams Work
  • Sales Optimization
shrm 15 Credits


hrci 11.5 Credits


atd 11.5 Credits


icf 6/9


* The use of this official seal confirms that this Activity has met HR Certification Institute's® (HRCI®) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.

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