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Emotional Intelligence 360°

Invest in deeper personal awareness with the Emotional Intelligence self-assessment, and compare it with observer data collected from colleagues, managers, and direct reports. Transform your relationships with the EIQ 360° assessment.

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) 360º Assessment

The EIQ assessment is a measure of your understanding of how your behavior affects those around you. However, there is often a disconnect between how we think others perceive us and the reality of how our actions are perceived. This disconnect is where the EIQ 360° assessment fills in the gaps.

Even the best, most self-aware manager may have blind spots in emotional awareness. With the anonymous, honest, and candid feedback from our EIQ 360° providing the bigger picture, behaviors can be modified to support intentions, and your actions can be interpreted as they were intended.

One Price for Unlimited Observer Responses

Enhance the traditional EIQ self-assessment with unlimited, anonymous observer data. Using the same questionnaire process, observers are asked to provide their perspective of your emotional intelligence. In the report, the observer experience is compared to your intent to highlight the differences between them.

As with all of our 360º assessments, the EIQ 360º includes an unlimited number of observer assessments. Add a minimum of three observers or 300; the cost is the same.

Customized Report Options for Every Professional

Whether your desire is an off-the-shelf report that has a proven track record of success, or something more specific to your individualized needs, we have the right report for you. Members can also select EIQ and DISC combination reports that focus on Self-awareness, Leadership, and Sales.

Available 360° Assessments
DISC 360°

The DISC 360º allows individuals to enhance the traditional DISC self-assessment by using the same questionnaire with observers providing their perspective of your behavior and emotions. You can compare and contrast what you think you are doing and what they experience to determine what may support or hinder your effectiveness.

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EIQ 360°

The EIQ 360º reveals how one’s perceived emotional intelligence in four key areas compares to observer feedback. It highlights the ways we may think we recognize and manage emotions effectively, but fall short with others. With this insight, you will be able to examine if and how your EIQ matches what others perceive.

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Leadership Effectiveness

The Leadership Effectiveness 360° measures current leadership strengths and areas of improvement in eight of the top competencies that distinguish exceptional leaders. Additionally, these competencies are examined not just through their own eyes, but also through the eyes of their peers, managers, and direct reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a 360° assessment versus a self-assessment?

A self-assessment is from a single perspective - yours. The EIQ 360° is designed to reveal the bigger picture of how those around you perceive your Emotional Intelligence. By opening yourself up to receiving feedback, you can examine the differences between your intentions and others’ perceptions. The EIQ 360 improves your ability to adapt, as an understanding of both self and others is achieved.

EIQ 360° gives general information about others’ perceptions of me, but I’d like to know specifics about why they think that. How can I learn more?

Ask! The EIQ 360° is intended to offer you an overall view of how those around you perceive your Emotional Intelligence and actions and reveal areas where they may be misunderstood. The information in the report can be used as a starting point for discussion to ask clarifying questions. The key to this conversation is that it must be safe for feedback to be shared. Come to the conversation with authentic curiosity and a desire to understand what others are experiencing.

Is the feedback provided in the 360° anonymous? How many observer responses are needed?

The feedback presented in the report is anonymous. A minimum of three observer responses are needed to maintain anonymity, and the 360° report will not generate until three responses are received. An unlimited number of observers can be invited to participate, and the cost is the same whether you have three observer responses or 300. We recommend inviting as many observers as possible for the best overall snapshot.