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International Directory of Certified Practitioners

Each of our Practitioners completes 10-15 hours of additional specialized training, per assessment certification. Our Advanced Certified Practitioners have completed the greatest training, and therefore possess the most comprehensive skillset.

Directory of Certified Practitioners

The Assessments 24x7 team of experts has developed five robust assessment certification programs, designed specifically for coaches and corporate trainers alike. Uniquely, each of these five assessment certifications are self-paced and include 1-on-1 instructor led sessions (via Zoom or Skype). These aren’t cookie cutter online classes, but flexible training curriculums tailored to advance the assessment expertise of each individual coach or trainer. Our certified coaches receive indefinite “coach mentorship,” ensuring their learning never ends and no question goes unanswered.

Due to these certifications’ growing prestige and broad scope, they’ve been accredited internationally with SHRM, HRCI, ATD and ICF.

Certification Programs

Advanced Certified Practitioners

ACP Rank Name Nation DISC Motivators Emotional Intelligence Critical Thinking (HVP) Learning Styles