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Certification & Training

Whether independent facilitators, corporate trainers, coaches or consultants, Certified Practitioners offer unique expertise and perspective, receive higher contracts and salaries, rate stronger when interacting with others, and succeed in attracting more clients and referrals. Not only does certification training differentiate our clients, each of our assessment certifications are recognized for continuing education (CE) credits with SHRM, HRCI, ATD and ICF.

Assessment Certifications & Training

Assessments 24x7 developed a variety of robust assessment certification programs, designed specifically for coaches, consultants and trainers to take their businesses to the next level. Each of our certification programs are blended learning modalities, including self-paced learning for your convenience and 1-on-1 instructor-led sessions (via Zoom or Skype). These are not cookie-cutter online classes, but flexible training curriculums tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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DISC Assessment Certification

Are you looking for mastery level understanding of DISC with the expertise and training to differentiate you from other coaches, consultants and trainers? Our DISC Assessment Certification is designed to provide you with the ability to debrief a client’s DISC report with confidence and accuracy and use the assessments for a variety of client needs.

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Motivators Assessment Certification

The Motivators Assessment Certification program will substantially enhance your knowledge of the seven Dimensions of Motivation, showing core values individually and how they interact together to drive our satisfaction. Through a curriculum designed to help guide implementation of this remarkable tool, you can take a deeper dive into the “why” behind behavior and emotions.

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Emotional Intelligence Certification

The EIQ-2 Certification examines at a much more comprehensive level how people perceive and apply their Emotional Intelligence. Developed with author Robert Jerus (Mind Matters), the EIQ-2 Certification empowers practitioners with enhanced clarity and insights necessary to consistently support and share what’s needed for creating beneficial interpersonal outcomes with strong EIQ.

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Critical Thinking (HVP) Certification

Based on Robert S. Hartman’s formal science of axiology, the Critical Thinking (HVP) Certification explores how an individual’s unique thinking strengths and abilities and critical processing patterns are defined by their capacity for understanding, their strengths, struggles, and blind spots associated with situational bias that may influence making balanced, effective decisions.

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Learning Styles Certification

Coaches, consultants and trainers with expertise in Learning Styles can optimize the training processes and practices while heightening learner self-awareness. When people understand how they learn best and retain new information, they can unlock new efficiencies to help them create the best learning experience, as learners or when sharing information with others.

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Workshop Leader Certification

The quest to ensure our members are the most knowledgeable and best-equipped in their business continues with our innovative Workshop Leader Certification program!

The goal of these training-in-a-box certifications is to bridge the gap further between assessment content and interactive application through workshops and facilitation. Our Certified Workshop Leaders engage, teach, and wow learners by challenging participants to think differently, focus new ideas in ways that really work, and leave training sessions eager to apply their new skills. Currently, the Workshop Leader program specializes in the DISC model.

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Ira Tau

"Assessments24x7 is a top-notch educator and provider in the assessments space. The materials that they present are consistent, clear and well-organized, and enable learning at a pace that is suitable for each individual. Their website and portal make assessment administration easy. But most importantly, their training staff is second to none. I was blown away by the one-on-one expert training sessions I received and felt like I learned so much. In addition to learning how to interpret reports, I came away feeling greatly informed and educated in the underlying principles in each of the areas that the assessments represent. There's no question that I will continue with Assessments 24x7 for further education."