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Revolutionary Hiring & Selection Service

Hire the right person, for the right job, the first time.

Leverage our team's 20+ years' experience and revolutionary HireSense technology to identify the RIGHT PERSON, for the RIGHT JOB, the FIRST TIME. HireSense integrates our scientifically validated DISC, Motivators, and Critical Thinking assessments for a "Global Perspective" of every candidate's Behavioral Style, Motivational Style, and Thinking Style.

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Join us for an overview of our exciting new product, HireSense! We’ve leveraged our years of profiling experience to create a hiring and selection product that looks behind the interview mask to see what’s missing from the resume.

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Finding the Right Talent Is Hard. HireSense Makes It Easier.

Using our HireSense technology combined with our 30+ years of experience, we can help make selecting the ideal candidate more efficient, cost less, and save time. More importantly, you'll be confident that you've found the best fit for your company.

Find the Right Candidate

How it Works

Using our proprietary technology that has proven effective with important hiring and selection decisions for many organizations, we will assist in getting the right information to find the right person for your needs quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated team guides you through each step using our in-house process to help you select the best candidates, evaluate their strengths and potential risks, and make an informed, thoughtful decision to choose the right hire.


Initial Phone Consultation

We schedule a call to identify your specific needs. We'll review background information to fully understand your process and how we can help you achieve your hiring goals.


Identify the Ideal Candidate and Create Benchmarks

We collaborate with you to identify the ideal candidate for your needs. Using that data, we build benchmarks enabling us to create the optimal candidate profile.


Send Assessment Invitation & Review Results

Utilizing our validated Assessment technology, we use three of our core assessments (DISC, Motivators & Critical Thinking/HVP) to create a comprehensive overview of the potential candidate, and then work with your team to review the results to identify strengths & challenges. We'll guide you through the results and discuss recommendations.


Candidate Interviews & Selection

We collaborate with you to provide personalized interview questions and structure for the hiring process. We provide structure to help select the candidate you need.

Amazing Insights On-The-Go

When you begin to use HireSense as part of your hiring and selection process, you will have access to our mobile app that puts all of the data from the candidate's reports in the palm of your hand. You can access everything you need to make an informed decision or examine important insights anywhere and anytime from your mobile device. There are even suggested interview questions to help you learn more about each candidate's skills, experience, behavior, motivation, and critical thinking capacities.

What People Are Saying

"We are very happy with HireSense. Not only did we save a significant amount of money, but more importantly it saved us time in the hiring process to find the right employee for what we needed. All our future candidates will now be going through HireSense first."

Brian Jones
AV Department Manager | IES Communications, LLC

Scientifically Validated by a Trusted 3rd Party

The Trusted Industry Leader for Independently Tested Assessments.

Scientifically Validated Assessments by ASI

The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) reports the overwhelming majority of assessments sold today lack the studies & reporting to verify their accuracy and fairness. Of the small minority which do claim this reporting, most of those were conducted privately - not openly by an objective and qualified third party. Assessments 24x7 is raising the bar within this otherwise unregulated industry. Our assessments are leading by example, with independently conducted validity, reliability, and disparate impact reporting that meets APA, EEOC, AERA, and NCME standards for excellence and professional compliance.

Our goal? To ensure the confidence and trust of both members and end-users alike, by providing the most scientifically accurate and compliant assessments available today. This is why we believe in a policy of total transparency, with every study's report available for your review, and available to be shared with your clients and colleagues. In an apples-to-apples comparison, we believe our assessments and reports will prove to be the top choice among industry professionals who value accuracy, compliance, and objectivity.

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