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Here are 11 professionally filmed business video lectures by Dr. Tony Alessandra – all yours for free!

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Sending Out Your Best Silent Message

This video program identifies the key elements of a first impression and offers some skill-building tips on how to jumpstart your way to a better image.
Duration: 20:51

The Power of Listening Attentively

This video program offers a powerful set of tools to help you build your listening skills up to maximum effectiveness. Topics covered include roadblocks to effective listening, the different levels of listening and the six skills of active listening.
Duration: 21:46

Goal Setting

“Most people aim at nothing in life... and hit it with amazing accuracy." This video program introduces several suggested processes to follow that can lead to both a more successful career and a happier life in general.
Duration: 21:43

Expanding Your Vision & Ideas

This video program explores the concept of vision—how to define it, how to attain it, and how to use it to become more inspiring to others.
Duration: 21:49

Using Space & Time

This video program helps you communicate your message more skillfully and how to understand the signals others send. You’ll see how to use space and time to repair communications that somehow get off track, as well as how to create the greatest advantage for yourself while giving the most comfort to others.
Duration: 21:16

The Power of Nonverbal Communication

This video program helps you understand how to create a powerful nonverbal message that will support your verbal content. You will learn how to interpret and use body language to deliver the message you intend and how to project a vocal quality that matches your message.
Duration: 21:33

Developing Your Charisma

What impact could you have on your family, friends, or colleagues, if you decided to unleash your TRUE Charisma? How would it feel to be in command of such influence? Can you imagine just how much this would enhance your life? Charisma is not based on genetics, I.Q., social position, or luck. Charisma is a skill that you can learn and master with the right information and tools. From business meetings, to sales calls, to getting your kids to do their homework, to getting help from a store clerk…charisma gives you an edge in life that few people have.
Duration: 21:44

Effective Presentation Skills

This video program helps you present confidently, which is one of the most marketable skills you can acquire. Organizations continually seek individuals who can sell products, present proposals, report findings, and explain ideas effectively.
Duration: 21:18

10 Versatility Traits

This video program helps you change some of your habitual behaviors and knee-jerk reactions in order to become more versatile - and therefore increase your chances of success in any given situation, regardless of circumstances.
Duration: 42:33

10 Flexibility Traits

This video program helps you reduce predetermined views, conclusions, or patterns of behavior that are driving your actions - and impairing your flexibility. When you voluntarily refrain from participating in certain situations or interacting with certain people because of your lack of flexibility - therefore limiting your horizons - you decrease your chances of personal and professional success.
Duration: 43:16

Time Management

This video program helps you determine your current time usage so you can find out where your time goes now, and how you can use it better. This video program will help you determine how you can improve your success through the productive use of your time.
Duration: 21:24

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