Each of the five Core Assessments measures a different, yet important, dimension of human behavior or cognition. After decades of work and research within the assessment industry, founder Dr. Tony Alessandra sought a “whole person” assessment-based solution. His logic? The 20th century’s single assessment approach was overly simple and ignored the complexity of human beings. The assessment industry lacked a 21st century solution that offered a more comprehensive, “whole person” methodology.


Our goal was clear: Identify those “core styles” of human behavior and cognition which have the greatest impact on professional performance, and assemble the first complementary series of assessments to evaluate them all - behavioral, motivational, thinking, emotional, and learning. Used individually or in a variety of combinations, the five Core Assessments offer individuals and organizations alike the opportunity for enhancing self-awareness and boosting professional performance beyond anything previously available within the assessment industry.


Each of the five Core Assessments is its own unique assessment instrument, offering its own set of reports, validity studies, coaching materials, workshop materials, certification training and more. Whether you want to develop more self-aware leaders, assemble top performing teams, improve sales and service results, enhance training initiatives, or select top performing employees, the Core Assessments provide the foundation for dependable human performance answers.

The Assessments 24x7 catalog of Core A​ssessments include:

Our most popular assessment and the world’s #1 behavioral profiling tool. DISC provides a highly-detailed analysis of each individual’s Natural (i.e. personal/ internal) and Adaptive (i.e. workplace/external) behavioral styles. An individual’s behavior is often the strongest indicator of fit; whether that be within a particular job, as the member of a team or as the leader of an organization. In essence, DISC predicts “How?” a person will behave within a given role or situation. Likewise, it offers the prescriptive lessons necessary to maximize the outcome of any interpersonal or workplace communication. Learn more…

The perfect companion assessment to pair with DISC, Motivators measures the Seven Universal Dimensions of Motivation that drive each of us: Aesthetic, Economic, Individualistic, Political, Altruistic, Regulatory and Theoretical. Whereas DISC predicts “How?” a person will behave, Motivators explains “Why?” If you’re only using DISC, you’re only scratching the surface of what assessments can offer individuals and organizations. Learn more…

Hartman Value Profile (HVP)
The Hartman Value Profile offers the critical third piece to the human puzzle. Based upon the research of Robert S. Hartman’s formal axiology, this unique assessment measures each individual’s problem solving skills and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with situational bias. In essence, the HVP assessment measures— with uncanny accuracy— an individual’s critical thinking, judgment and decision-making abilities. Learn more…

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)
The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) assessment helps users understand the correlation between the way they apply their current EIQ and the outcome of their interactions with others. This lends itself to improved decision-making, leadership, reading the emotions in others and engaging in a greater number of mutually beneficial workplace outcomes. Here’s the key: EIQ can actually be improved and coached-up over time, so it makes an excellent self-improvement assessment. Learn more…

Learning Styles
Our fifth and final Core Assessment, Learning Styles, does just as its name implies: it identifies each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. Some people like to process information through text, while others need visual support and images. Some learners best assimilate information alone, while others prefer to learn in groups. There are those who can grasp information intuitively, while others prefer to follow a strong sequential path. Understanding learning styles offers the key to maximizing an organization’s training efficiencies, enlightening its management teams and even assembling top performing teams. Learn more…


Core Assessments
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