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Continuing Education

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Continuing Education DISC Courses

You can now earn your continuing education credits taking online DISC trainer courses developed by Assessments 24x7 founder, Dr. Tony Alessandra. In cooperation with XtraCredits, each of Dr. Tony Alessandra’s SIX different cutting-edge courses are now approved and accredited with either SHRM, CCE and/or HR Certification Institute.

Each DISC course is presented in a format that is both enjoyable and effective. Each one progresses at your pace and is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device.

It’s almost like having internationally recognized DISC guru Dr. Tony Alessandra as your very own personal coach, available 24/7. So don’t wait any longer — begin earning your continuing education credits with these fun and easy-to-learn courses! Sign-up now!

What is DISC Interactive Virtual Training?

The DISC Interactive Virtual Training Program (aka DISC VT) is much more than a simple set of videos. It is a full-motion, interactive training system — delivered through cutting-edge, multi-million dollar training and communication technology. With Dr. Tony Alessandra as your personal onscreen guide, DISC VT trains, tracks and measures each user in real time.

It’s almost like having Dr. Tony Alessandra as your personal mentor, available around-the-clock, to get you completely trained and efficient at utilizing the DISC Behavioral Style communication strategies to increase sales, customer loyalty, internal communication, leadership skills, conflict resolution and teamwork.

The value of this interactive virtual training program is in the understanding, retention and successful implementation of this powerful content. Get a competitive advantage by learning how to leverage the DISC Behavioral Style communication strategies in business and life!

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Intro to the DISC Interactive Assessment (4 Credits with SHRM)

Have you ever wondered why you hit it off with some people immediately, while with others it is like oil and water? When you are able to understand people’s patterns of behavior and communication, you will unlock your ability to get along with nearly everyone. There are four primary behavioral styles, each with a very distinct and predictable observable behavior. In this introductory course, receive practical training from Dr. Tony Alessandra that will have a substantial positive impact on your ability to positively influence others.

Course Length: 4 Hours
  • Define the Platinum Rule vs. the Golden Rule
  • How voice intonation and body language can convey the intent of the message.
  • Understand the meaning of ‘behavioral style’
  • Unlock the value of understanding your style and the style of others to build and increase interpersonal rapport
  • Introduction to the four DISC styles - their strengths, struggles, motivations and frustrations
  • The three ‘V’ channels of communication
  • Recognize direct vs. indirect behaviors and open vs. guarded behaviors
  • Learn techniques to help adjust your pace and priorities to match the four different DISC styles

Building, Communicating, and Leading High Performance Teams (2 Credits with SHRM)

Can DISC styles help you to build a better team? An important leadership competency for any size organization is the ability to build and lead high performing teams. When you correctly communicate, motivate, counsel, correct, delegate, acknowledge & help each DISC style, teams increase their levels of performance and make better decisions. In this course, learn easy steps using your DISC Profile insights that can help you build more successful workplace teams.

Course Length: 2 Hours
  • How the four DISC styles interact in group settings, set goals, and communicate with each other
  • Effective delegation tips and strategies
  • What is the difference between position power vs. personal power
  • Decision making strategies and help when dealing with each DISC style of behavior
  • Motivation techniques
  • Effective delegation

Building and Maintaining Rapport Throughout the Selling Cycle (1.5 Credits with SHRM)

Are you looking to improve your customer communication and increase your overall sales performance? The most effective salespeople do not use a one-size fits all approach to selling. They know how to read the unique needs of each customer and how to meet those needs. In this course, Dr. Tony Alessandra will help you identify actionable sales tip for the sales cycle and what DISC sales strategy suits each sales phase.

Course Length: 1.5 Hours
  • DISC styles help in improving sales by understanding the unique needs of the customer and enhance the overall customer service and satisfaction process
  • Connect with each DISC style and create natural and influential relationships
  • Explore each DISC style’s needs
  • Understand the need to adapt your sales strategy to meet your clients’ buying style
  • DISCover and Present solutions to and with each DISC style
  • Confirming the Sales strategies for each style of DISC
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Building Better Coaching Relationships (7 Credits with ICF)

Is the goal of your coaching to enhance your clients’ specific skills or performance? Assessments measuring specific abilities can be very useful to help your clients increase awareness and facilitate behavior change. As coaches, you are often engaged to work with people based on the results of performance reviews, assessments or other tools used to measure results and modify personal behaviors in the professional workplace. This course teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well not only with your client relationships, but also with all your relationships and be a better coach.

Course Length: 7 Hours

Increase your core competencies when you are able to understand people’s patterns of behavior, you will also unlock your ability to get along with nearly everyone. In this course, receive practical training from Dr. Tony Alessandra that will have a substantial positive impact on your ability to positively influence, build relationships, and trust with others. This course also includes your very own DISC behavioral assessment.

This course is the ultimate in flexibility. Take at your own pace, anytime, and from any device. This course is for coaches who are looking for a deeper level of understanding and awareness in their coaching, plus add some new skills to their tool kits.

As a coach you need to learn strategies and rules to leverage the DISC Behavioral Style communication strategies to help clients reach their real potential consistently! In this course you will learn how to interpret assessments to produce profitable coaching and training.

  • Establish stronger relationships with clients by understanding their behavior and communication style
  • Plan better client coaching sessions to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Learn how to have your client’s access natural strengths to match employees with the best possible job fit.
  • Show your clients how to easily motivate their staff
  • DISCover how to combine DISC resources for more effective coaching
  • Customize unique DISC-based training solutions to learn how to work with clients and achieve improved relationships, more effective communications, conflict resolution, better teamwork and improved sales effectiveness.
  • Build an assessment revenue stream
  • DISCover how to exponentially propel your clients who are fast trackers with success!

Building Better Communication with DISC for HR Pros (7 Credits with SHRM & HRCI)

Your ability to positively influence people and situations is directly related to how you behave and communicate. The basis for being able to influence others and have strong, positive relationships lies in understanding yourself, understanding others and realizing the impact your behavior has on other people. And, these factors contribute to a strong, healthy organizational culture.

Course Length: 7 Hours

Communication is at the very heart of who we are and what we do and for most of us, we never figure people out. We just ricochet through life, getting along with some people and dealing as little as possible with others because they are so different from us. In this HIGHLY entertaining and insightful comprehensive course, Dr. Tony Alessandra helps you learn powerful life skills that will serve you well not only with your team relationships, but with all your relationships.

Recognizing different behavioral styles and how that shapes individual perceptions and influences decision-making is essential in mastering the SHRM core competencies of communication, relationship management, leadership navigation, critical evaluation and cultural effectiveness.

  • Turns your hiring process into a solid strengths and weakness analysis that helps you place a job candidate into the right position.
  • DISC reports facilitate deep DISCussion and pro-active solutions between teams, managers and their direct reports and business situations that require long-term improvement.
  • Keep turn-over and training costs down
  • Improve inter-office relations.
  • Effective training without breaking the company’s budget.
  • Utilize DISC styles to help you understand the unique needs of others and better match the right behavioral style with the right career position.
  • Connect with each DISC style and create natural and influential relationships
  • Explore each DISC style’s needs
  • Understand the need to adapt your behavioral style to match your team members’ behavioral styles

Completeing The DISC Assessment (1 Credit with SHRM)

Now, you can harness the power of DISC online assessments to gain valuable insight into what makes you and the people around you tick. This assessment course teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well in all your relationships. It is a resource for individuals and organizations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people.

Course Length: 1 Hour

Unlike many other behavioral assessments, our online DISC assessments are accurate psychological tests built from the renowned research of respected psychologist William Moulton Marston, which aim to classify subjects' behavior. Online DISC assessments can help you better understand what drives your personal interactions in the workplace, in social situations and within your family.

Your DISC online assessment consists of 30 questions designed to gauge your strongest, as well as your least influential, tendencies. When you begin, you will choose a focus for your assessment--work, social or family. Then, you will learn where you lie on the DISC spectrum. Marston believed there are four behavioral types: dominant, interactive, steady and compliant.

  • The assessment takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete
  • Answer just 30 questions online
  • Immediately generates a confidential 38 page report
  • Report is customized with personalized narrative based on DISC questionnaire answers
  • Report can be viewed online, downloaded, e-mailed and/or Web-accessed