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hartman-iconCritical Thinking (HVP)

Ultimately, better judgment means better decisions.Critical Thinking is the key to making good decisions, solving problems, risk management and effective planning. Our results will depend on the critical thinking and decision making skills we apply as we move through the process. Decisions always precede action and action should be focused on using our strengths and minimizing limitations.

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Measuring Critical Thinking with Hartman Value Profile (HVP)

Based on the work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman and Wayne Carpenter, the Critical Thinking assessment measures one’s capacity to make judgments about the world and one’s self according to our personal level of understanding (Clarity) and how much importance we place on it (Attention/Bias). People who score well in Critical Thinking also rate high in analysis, problem solving skills, overall job knowledge and performance. Weakness in our judgment opens up the risk for poor decisions which can lead to poor performance. When we understand potential limitations and blind spots, we can intentionally account for them to make balanced, conscious decisions.

Our ability to think critically and make sound, balanced judgments occurs subconsciously; it is fascinating that our brain is making decisions before we even consciously make them! Before any action can take place, our thoughts are subject to different biases in our judgment and are affected by our behavioral style, Emotional Intelligence, training and skills practice, reasoning ability and more.

Critical Thinking with HVP Assessment

Measure Critical Thinking

This assessment measures and provides insight into our Thinking Style, made up of 2 key areas - Critical Processing Patterns and Thinking Strengths & Abilities:

Critical Processing Patterns are evaluated in:

  • Intuitive Thinking: The ability to see, understand and appreciate the uniqueness in others and in situations; having a gut instinct.
  • Practical Thinking: The ability to see, understand and compare the functional worth of things and the short-term outcomes of a situation or event.
  • Systems/Conceptual Thinking: The ability to see understand and appreciate the need for order, structure, standards and big picture thinking.

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Intuitive Style

Rely on gut instincts, follows hunches regardless of consequences, focuses on issues involving people.


Practical Style

Get things done now, plan around immediate needs and results,quick to identify crisis and common-sense ways to solve them, focuses on the short range, tactical goals .


Systems / Conceptual Style

looks for the perfect solution, connecting threads and trends to understand situations and the big picture, focus on longer range, strategic goals.


Personal Strengths

Clearly focus and apply your strengths on key actions to reach a desired outcome or result.


Execution Ability

Use your talents to effectively implement the ideas you generate.


Objective Ability

Remove bias and preconceptions to effectively create solutions and ideas.

Thinking Strengths & Abilities are evaluated in:

  • Personal Strengths: The commitment to personal standards, ownership of problems and self-awareness in an effort to effectively negotiate relationships and situations.
  • Execution Ability: The capacity for action, goal directedness, ability to focus and determination to create strategic plans and expectations.
  • Objective Ability: The ability to be positive, open and dynamic, determine relevance, solve problems and make objective decisions while considering all aspects of a situation.

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Clarity/Understanding & Attention/Bias

The stronger the rating in Critical Thinking, the more information you can clearly see and process effectively to reach the best decisions. Ratings are based on a combination of two factors:

  • Clarity/Understanding: the ability to see and understand the different areas of your Thinking Style
    The greater your clarity, the more accuracy and precision you will have in judgement in that area.

  • Attention/Bias: how you appreciate and value the different areas of your Thinking Style
    The greater your attention, the more importance and value you place in that area.

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Clarity/Understanding & Attention/Bias

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is understanding Critical Thinking with HVP important?

The Critical Thinking with HVP assessment and report documents your brain’s natural selection process when making a decision, so it provides a foundation of understanding for each person of their thinking pattern. Thinking and mental processing ability, just like a musical talent or sports talent, can be learned and improved with intentionality and understanding.When we understand our biases, our values, our strengths and limitations and our blind spots, we can intentionally account for them to make balanced, conscious decisions.

How can we use this information to be sure we are making good, balanced decisions?

The goal with any assessment is to help create understanding and awareness so we can be more intentional. Knowing that our brains are not always rational, we can work to anchor our decisions with prioritized information and be confident in our thinking ability.

For example, if we know that we value Practical Judgment in our Critical Processing Pattern, we know that we’ll likely bias our decisions toward pragmatic results over other things. We can then be sure we are balancing our judgment by asking if there is something that should be considered in other areas (Intuitive and Systems/Conceptual Judgment) so that we aren’t missing anything; we ensure we are not making subconscious decisions by bringing our decisions to the forefront of conscious thought instead of operating by default.

Furthermore, if we understand our EIQ, our Motivators, our DISC style, and our Learning styles, we can see how there may be alignment or tension between our thinking and processing patterns and our expression of our decisions.

Can Critical Thinking with HVP be used to benchmark new hires?

Assessments can play a vital role in employee selection when used appropriately. At Assessments 24x7, our Motivators assessment meets EEOC standards for class protection and is frequently used as part of the selection process. We never recommend making a hiring decision based only on assessment data, but when used in combination with other factors (interviews, referrals, skills and experience, etc.), assessments can bring insight to selection decisions.

Our hiring & selection resources are an integration of three Core Assessments: DISC, Motivators, and Critical Thinking (Hartman), providing detailed insight into what will help a candidate be successful in their new role or what might be required to support them. Learn more about our hiring and selection products and services.

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Our internationally accredited Motivators assessment, and its all-purpose Self report is currently only available in English.

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