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Assessments 24x7 Acquires DISCcert, Enhancing Assessment Offerings and Client Support

East Wenatchee, WA October 3, 2023 - Assessments 24x7, a leading provider of assessments and resources for personal and professional development, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of DISCcert, a prominent DISC assessment provider previously owned by Bonnie Burn. The acquisition was completed on June 1, 2023, and signifies a significant step forward for both companies.

Bonnie Burn, the former owner of DISCcert, expressed her enthusiasm for the acquisition in a heartfelt letter to her clients. She emphasized her commitment to constant process improvement and highlighted the opportunities this acquisition presents for clients to access a broader range of assessments and resources while continuing to receive outstanding support. Brandon Parker, CEO of Assessments 24x7, is excited to offer DISCcert clients an opportunity to upgrade their DISC reports and assessment dashboards to make the most of the acquisition. “We are really looking forward to showing off our updated dashboard to all the existing DISCcert clients. I truly think the technology will blow them away,” says Brandon.

Key Benefits of the Acquisition for Clients:

  1.  Access to a Broader Range of Assessments and Resources:  With Assessments 24x7's extensive selection of assessments, clients now have access to tools designed to enhance motivation, teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence, and more. This expanded offering empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their goals more effectively.
  2.  Continued Outstanding Support:  Assessments 24x7 boasts a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing exceptional support. Clients can rely on readily available assistance for utilizing assessments, navigating the platform, and addressing any questions or concerns. The support services are also available across multiple time zones, extending office hours for added convenience.
  3.  Seamless Transition:   Clients can expect a smooth and seamless transition, as Assessments 24x7 has powered DISCcert assessments for the past 15 years. This continuity ensures that clients will experience minimal disruptions to their day-to-day workflow.

Bonnie Burn reassured her clients that she would be exploring new endeavors related to her passion for DISC, including keynote speaking and writing a DISC book, while remaining active on her LinkedIn personal account.

Clients of DISCcert are encouraged to check their inboxes for email announcements from the company, which will include updated points of contact for all DISC and DISC certification support needs. The transition is designed to be effortless, ensuring that clients can continue to rely on high-quality assessments and services.

Assessments 24x7 and DISCcert are both excited about the positive impact this acquisition will have on their valued clients, their teams, and the broader DISC community. Together, they look forward to advancing personal and professional development opportunities through their combined expertise and resources.

For more information about Assessments 24x7 and its offerings, please visit www.assessments24x7.com.

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