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DISC & behavioral assessments to power decision making.

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The Leading DISC and Motivators Assessment Solution

For more than 20 years, Assessments 24x7 has powered business consultants, executive coaches, and Fortune 500s with the tools to optimize hiring processes, boost employee productivity, and maximize performance, using our DISC, Motivators and additional assessment tools. Our validated assessments, flexible platform, and exceptional customer support have positioned us as a "Global Leader in Assessment Technology."

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Our core assessments have been developed to explore the “whole person.” Each is scientifically validated to enrich your organization or business with the best online tools and training materials in the industry.

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Hiring & Selection Services

Identify the right person, for the right job, the first time. Integrating our scientifically validated DISC, Motivators, and Critical Thinking (HVP) assessments gives you a better understanding of your candidate's behavioral styles.

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Training Solutions

Get certified and become an assessments expert. Earn continuing education credits through ICF, SHRM, HRCI, and ATD. Become a subject matter expert, build a positive leadership reputation, and more.

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Assessments 24x7 powers millions of assessments globally.

Leading organizations and coaches utilize our assessment technology to guide their strategy for hiring & selection, performance evaluations, skills training, team-building, conflict management, promotion & succession planning, organizational restructuring, employee retention, and leadership development. For decades, we have partnered with companies both big and small, coaches, consultants, and trainers to give them the tools to succeed.

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Assessments completed through our technology platform

Tamarra Causley Robinson - Life Coach

I am currently in the certification process for HVP and EIQ Assessments and have found the process for certification to be smooth and the support of my understanding of the materials to be outstanding.

Kyle Gillette - Gillette Solutions

I wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for Assessments 24x7 and Dr. Tony Alessandra! You guys are awesome.

Paul Scaffidi - Performance Systems

Assessments 24x7 has been a leader in the assessment business by providing amazing assessments and outstanding support to their clients with class, consistency and quality.

We Partner with Consultants to Provide

Assessments to Their Clients and Empower Them

We have partnered with thousands of coaches and consultants to power their businesses. Our white-labeled dashboard comes fully equipped to deliver 50+ assessments and reports, while also providing the tools to take a business to the next level. Members receive access to our entire suite of validated products and reports, including our most productive and foundational DISC and Motivator assessment.

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Trainer materials with your brand as the focus, not ours.

All of our member accounts have access to trainer materials, workshop materials, marketing one-sheets, team & group reports, onscreen employee benchmarking, unparalleled customer support 365 days a year, and more.

Zero Membership Fees. No Setup Costs. Pay as You Go Pricing.

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Assessments & Training for Corporate Environments

Our industry-leading assessment platform supports organizations ranging from small and medium-sized business (SMB) to Fortune 500 companies. Our solutions provide optimal outcomes in hiring and selection, team-building, sales performance, leadership development, and employee retention and engagement. With the most comprehensive library of advanced and combined assessments in the interpersonal and working relationship space, Assessments 24x7 can provide your company with the tools required to successfully manage your teams and your hiring and selection needs.

Hire Better, Build High Performance Teams, and Solve Problems.

Our assessment platform allows you to have complete control over your assessments without ever having to go to a rep as a middle person. Our assessments are entirely branded for your organization and are available in multiple languages.

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Scientifically Validated by a Trusted 3rd Party

The Trusted Industry Leader for Independently Tested Assessments.

Scientifically Validated Assessments by ASI

The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) reports the overwhelming majority of assessments sold today lack the studies & reporting to verify their accuracy and fairness. Of the small minority which do claim this reporting, most of those were conducted privately - not openly by an objective and qualified third party. Assessments 24x7 is raising the bar within this otherwise unregulated industry. Our assessments are leading by example, with independently conducted validity, reliability, and disparate impact reporting that meets APA, EEOC, AERA, and NCME standards for excellence and professional compliance.

Our goal? To ensure the confidence and trust of both members and end-users alike, by providing the most scientifically accurate and compliant assessments available today. This is why we believe in a policy of total transparency, with every study's report available for your review, and available to be shared with your clients and colleagues. In an apples-to-apples comparison, we believe our assessments and reports will prove to be the top choice among industry professionals who value accuracy, compliance, and objectivity.

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Listen to Will Mahon, Talent Development Manager at DraftKings, explain why they have decided to use Assessments 24x7 as their global provider for assessment solutions. Between our breadth of solutions, A+ customer service, and expertise, we are proud to receiving their highest recommendation.

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What our clients & partners say...

Customer success stories from around the world. Real Clients. Real Stories.

Stephen Moore - Ovation Group

Assessments 24x7 is the gold standard for assessment technology. Their interfaces are intuitive, their support is best in class and their staff are remarkably knowledgeable.

Arif Boysan - Action Coach

The assessment and learning tools are powerful. If you are working with a team or an individual, you must have this tool. It’s the difference between flying blind vs. having perfect vision.

Cindy Miller - Cindy Miller Golf

Dr. Tony Alessandra and Assessments 24x7 have created an amazing suite of assessments that can help you and your company improve performance.

John Chappelear - Changing the Focus

I’ve worked with Tony and Assessments 24x7 for over 10 years. Tony is a great speaker and friend, I am very pleased to provide this recommendation.

Jay McDowell - Performance Strategies

The Assessments, Dr. Tony and the entire Assessments 24x7 Team are absolutely 5-Stars. I have been using their products for several years and their range of products and their quality are second to none...

Scott Higby - Studio C Creative

I've been working with Dr Tony Alessandra since his early research on personality types, decades ago. He is a leading expert in the field, and I've learned a lot from him!