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How to Stay Motivated When Looking for Work

Posted 5 years ago

We live in a competitive world. The business world is certainly no exception. For any single position, there are likely dozens, sometimes hundreds of candidates vying for the same job. Sometimes we win that job, other times we are left to keep looking. Regardless of our employment, it serves us well to frequently examine our work, portfolio, and leap at any advantage for growth. This week’s contributor, Anna Ashmore, shares some great tips for navigating these often stressful and uncertain challenges.

How to Stay Motivated When Looking for Work

by Anna Ashmore

Everyone in every line of work will eventually hit a slump. Think about this scenario: things were going great for a while, but everything seems to have dried up recently. Does this sound familiar? Copywriters are highly prone to these kinds of slumps due to the nature of their work. They are as-needed independent professionals, and if the work does not seem to be available, they might feel like there is not much they can do and their rough patch will never come to an end. Using your time productively and exploring creative ways of getting back to work might put your career on a more positive path than where you were before.

Revamp Your Portfolio

Your copywriting portfolio may no longer be indicative of who you have become as a copywriter. If the projects you were most proud of a year ago pale in comparison to the projects you are most proud of now, it is time to make you portfolio reflect your growth. Switch up your angle by spotlighting and showcasing your current best work. Remove things that no longer speak to your capabilities and punch up your personal branding. It is important to update your portfolio as you gain experience.

Change Your Expectations

Many copywriters like the predictability that comes with long term arrangements. You know how much money you will be making, how long it will take you to complete the work, and the duration of the entire project. That stability is worth its weight in gold. If you cannot find a long-term gig right now, focus on the short term. Picking up a few smaller jobs to fill in the gaps while you are waiting for more long-term work will help keep your bank account full in the meantime. Smaller jobs can sometimes become long term jobs if you really hit it off with a client.

Focus on Passion Writing

Think about the things you have always wanted to write but have not had the time to explore. Start a blog if you do not already have one of your own – copywriters spend a lot of time working on other people’s blogs and neglecting their own writing passions. Creating a blog might even help you attract new clients. It is great for SEO, and if you have your own website, regularly updating that blog might help people looking for a copywriter find you by searching on Google.

Measure Your Growth and Progress

Pull out a few pieces of old content and compare them to a few pieces of new content. How much have you grown since you started? If you have grown a lot, you are probably worth more. You might be able to handle more complicated projects for clients who are willing to pay a premium for your work. If you are charging more than the other people vying for the same jobs, the solution is not always to price competitively. You might need to move up a rank and approach higher tier clients with confidence. They will understand why you can command a pretty penny, and if your work speaks for itself, they will gladly cut you a check.

Look for Jobs in New Places

Many freelance copywriters have tried and true methods of finding jobs, but not everyone who needs a copywriter knows where they are supposed to look. You may be able to find copywriting gigs on job boards. Some small businesses may express the need for a copywriter on their websites without efficiently advertising the position. Start looking for jobs in places you have yet to explore.

Anna Ashmore

Anna Ashmore is a woman of many talents. She is passionate about literature, sports, travel and education among many other things. She is also an amateur writer who hopes to make it big in the blog world.  Professionally, Anna is a market research analyst at http://businesscheck.co.nz/ and loves her job.


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