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Want To Do A Mental Exercise?

Posted 12 years ago

Visualization Exercise 

It’s important to exercise your ability to create mental images to help improve your memory. Visualization is a primary technique for storing information in your memory.  So here’s a fun exercise with some mental image gymnastics.   INSTRUCTIONS Get a mental picture of a two-inch cube. Paint the top of the cube red. Paint the bottom blue. Paint the remaining sides white. Now slice the cube vertically in half. Then slice it vertically in half again at a right angle to the first cut. Now, cut the cube in half horizontally, like a layer cake. You now have divided the two-inch cube into a number of one-inch cubes.

Memory Test

Can you answer the following questions (answers at the end)?
A: How many sides does each one-inch cube have?
B: How many one-inch cubes are there?
C: How many one-inch cubes have at least one white side?
D: How many cubes have at least one red side and at least one white side?
E: How many unpainted sides does each one-inch cube have?

How did you do?
This exercise tested your ability to construct and manipulate mental images. Even though this was a relatively easy exercise in terms of complexity, it required a high level of concentration in listening to the directions. I recommend that you practice similar visualization exercises to keep your mental imaging muscles in good shape.

Answers: A=6; B=8; C=8; D=4; E=3
Well, how did you do? Let us know in your comments!