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Using To Do Lists for Managing the Intangible - Time

Posted 7 years ago

Time is an elusive prey: fleeting and impossible to wrap your arms around. Our universal go-to solution? To Do Lists. They may be the original lifehack and yet they’re just as relevant today as ever. Few people prioritize, organize and get things done like Dr. Tony Alessandra. After 40+ books, thousands of international speaking engagements and several businesses – do you think he’s learned a trade secret or two?

Using To Do Lists for Managing the Intangible – Time

by Dr. Tony Alessandra

Stop and think about it; few things are as valuable as “time”. One can achieve great success, fortune, friendship, and love but time rules all of these. We control our achievements in life. We can expand them or reduce them. We can set our sights on earning more money or connecting with others and expand our circle of those closest to us. But time, is time. We simply cannot make more of it than there is. Each of us has a finite amount of it and its value is ever increasing. The good news is in spite of its illusiveness, time can still be managed. We can choose to see time as a controllable commodity and live our lives according to that assumption. This is one of the secrets of successful people they work at shaping those things which others think are uncontrollable. There are a number of ways to manage our time. Using To Do Lists is one of them.

USING TO DO LISTS A list of “things to do” for each day and week is a great way to managing your time. To Do Lists organize your thinking and planning into one place in the least amount of time with the maximum amount of efficiency. Such a list is especially helpful if it coincides with the record keeping you already do for your work. After a short time, you will find yourself handling a greater volume of work without increasing your stress. You’ll simply become more efficient. Your activities should be listed in order of priority. Work on high priorities first. In listing the activities, it is helpful to spell out the result as well as the process. Stating when, where, and what you’re going to do increases your chances of doing it successfully. As the day goes by, check off completed activities and make any notes that seem relevant and add items that come up. In the evening, make out a new To Do List for the next day and include any activities you couldn’t complete the day before. Always save your To Do Lists for future reference and evaluation. Also, recycle electronic versions of your To Do Lists, if you’re using a computer, that way you’ve got a format you already like. It can be emailed to your phone so it’s handy and items not completed can be carried over from prior lists without actually rewriting them.

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