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The Genius of Humor-Do you have it?

Posted 12 years ago

APPLYING the Genius of Humor 

  The genius of humor obviously pertains to communication – but humor is not just a secondary form of genius. Humor is vital. But there’s a wrong way and a right way to use it. While being wheeled into the operating room after being shot by a would-be assassin, the ever-persuasive President Ronald Reagan got a chuckle when he wisecracked, “I hope the doctor is a Republican.” We may not all be so cool in a crisis, but we can all profit by not taking ourselves too seriously. Here are my suggestions for improving your sense of humor: First, find out what your strong suit is, humor-wise. Ask a friend who’ll be honest with you. Second, know who you’re talking with. Not everybody thinks the same things are funny — and there are a few people who don’t think anything is funny, or at least nothing that’s been discovered yet. Third, work on your timing. Try out your best lines on your family and your friends — and test really bad puns on your enemies! And finally, remember that the best target for humor is yourself. A little self-deprecating humor can go a long way toward making people feel at ease with you. In short, humor is much more than an icebreaker. When things are good, it can keep egos from becoming inflated. And when the going is tough, it can also be an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of your faith in ultimate success.