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Five Tips to Begin Smartphone Marketing Your Business

Posted 5 years ago

Marketing – where to begin? How many of the entrepreneurs among us break out into a cold sweat when thinking about how to market their business? For many business owners, it can feel like an overwhelming task. This week, executive coaching entrepreneur and author Tammy Holyfield, shares five tips for getting started. As it turns out, several of today’s best marketing solutions are right in the palms of our hands: smartphone marketing. From apps to attitude, Tammy’s advice on smartphone marketing is a must read. 

Five Tips to Begin Smartphone Marketing Your Business

by Tammy Holyfield

Marketing has never been easier. We have all the resources we need at our fingertips, literally! It’s just a matter of dedicating the time and effort to creating content. Here are five tips you can start using today to get yourself closer to effectively smartphone  marketing your business. 

1. Google Apps 

Google created Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This triplet empowers us to not only access our documents conveniently through our Google accounts, but also easily share documents and content (of any kind) with colleagues or clients to review, contribute or collaborate. The applications are endless, but I enjoy using Google Docs to begin writing blogs while traveling or waiting for a friend before dinner. Google Docs saves it where you left off in real time. You can pick it back up from any other device you use to login with. 

2. Stories on Instagram 

Stories is a great way to engage your audience in an authentic and connected way. Give your audience and followers a little insight from behind the scenes projects that you are working on. There is always something that you can exclusively share with ONLY your followers. What’s really cool? After 24-hours it disappears! It gives your audience a sense of urgency to always check out your story and keep them engaged. A little tip behind stories: the more your audience watches your stories, the more often your photos show up on their feed. Give it a try.

3. Canva 

Canva is a creative tool that allows you to create marketing material online. This tool is so powerful it’s impossible to share all the awesome things you can potentially create. Canva offers a free and paid version, but the free version is surprisingly robust. I often use Canva to create picture quotes for Instagram. They already have all the dimensions that I need for everything and it easily allows me to save my logo and drop it into every new piece I create. 

4. Groups on Facebook 

Creating a unique community connected directly with you and/or your company gives people the opportunity to engage in a more personal way. You may want to be a little strategic as you are creating your group. You’ll benefit from giving some thought to the type of content you want to provide, what the group’s members can expect, and what your intentions will be over the long run. This Facebook app is an awesome tool to post directly from your phone. You can share Facebook LIVE events with only your members, you can plan in-person and virtual events, and even start a poll to get your clients’ opinions in real time. The opportunities are endless with Groups on Facebook!

5. Be Authentic

The hardest part about marketing your own business can be finding the confidence to put original content out into the world. Often the fear is whether or not people will like your creations. However, if you don’t put anything out there, you will never know what your audience likes or doesn’t… and it will remain a question you ask yourself forever. The first step is to just do it and be yourself.

We are in the age of rapidly expanding and ever-changing technology. It’s an exciting time. There are innovative and entrepreneurial minds running entire businesses straight from their laptops and other mobile devices. If they can do it, so can you. These tools will get you started!

What tools are you using? Share in the comments! 

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