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5 Awesome Tools for Remote Work

Posted 5 years ago

Remote work brings its own unique set of enriching advantages and uncommon challenges, as our team at Assessments 24×7 has discovered throughout the years. Whether you’re a business coach or a valued corporate trainer working from a home office, this week’s story highlights five tools designed to help individuals and organizations tackle today’s most sweeping workplace trend. In our global business world, working remotely is something that just makes sense – anyone can work from anywhere – doing almost anything. However, teams of disparate workers face the new challenge of retaining a comparable degree of communication and coordination. Several of the tools discussed in this week’s story offer today’s remote worker important potential solutions.

5 Awesome Tools for Remote Work

by Ashley Lipman & Wendy Dressler

Remote work is officially the new normal. The number of workers who are choosing to work from home via remote work is on the rise. In 2018, a reported 3.9 million Americans worked remotely in some capacity, whether as a freelancer, or for a traditional company.

Unlike many of the rumors and misconceptions, remote work increases productivity and effectiveness. Working on your own terms has its perks, and it is a great way to offer something new to employees while giving them more freedom. However, remote work would not be possible without the right digital tools. Here are 5 convenient tools for remote work to make the process easier for managers and employees alike.

1. Project Management Tools

One of the biggest challenges of transitioning to remote work is learning how to best manage one’s time. When you are used to a manager giving direction, it can be hard to know where to begin on daily tasks. When that stress is combined with impending deadlines, it only becomes more complicated.

Using project management tools helps remote workers feel connected to their team. They can use it independently to keep track of their own projects, or with other collaborators to check in on overall progress. Two of the leading project management tools are Trello and Asana.

2. Team Collaboration

While those project management tools above do have ways to leave messages for other teammates, they are not built around conversation. Using a tool like Slack will help remote workers feel connected to their team members even though they are not physically in the same office. Slack is a great choice because it is jam-packed with other fun features like gif integrations, chatbots, and more.

3. Time Clock Tracking

Another challenge is keeping track of time worked. Everyone wants to get paid for the time they spent working, and that is not always easy when you are working away from a traditional office. With a tool like Clockspot, you can manage time sheets in real-time, from anywhere. This is the best way to keep track of a remote team with easy to use automation. It even includes monitoring to keep workers honest and motivated.

4. Password Management

Security is a top priority of all organizations today. When working with remote workers, it is even more essential to keep track of your passwords and worker access. A password management tool like LastPass works to cut down on weak passwords while also storing team passwords in a secure cloud.

Once you login to one account, you will automatically have access to all other login information. It simplifies your day since you no longer need to spend time memorizing extensive passwords. More importantly, it generates stronger passwords to give you much-needed peace of mind.

5. Virtual Phone System

Finally, the phone is still a large part of communicating with remote workers. Remote workers often manage and handle a wide arrange of calls, from customer support to prospective clients. Making sure they are able to answer those calls promptly without compromising their privacy is key.

With MightyCall’s virtual phone system, you can do just that in as little as a few clicks. Now, employees will feel more secure without needing to worry about interruptions in call quality from wherever they choose to work.

Finding Success When Working Remotely

Remote work is more than just a trend. It is a new reality of business today. Luckily, there are so many tools out there that make remote work a breeze. You will only wonder why you did not give it a try earlier.

These tools listed above should be in any remote worker’s arsenal. Not only do they aid with feeling like part of a team, but they are simply a smarter way to do business. From staying in touch with coworkers, to never missing a deadline, these tools have you covered.

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