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Personality Styles

Posted 10 years ago

Use appropriate behavior for each personality style for optimum results!

Now that you know the basic attributes of each personality style, you can begin to adapt your behaviors to the desires of everyone you interact with.

RELATORS Indirect and Open

Needs to Know About: How it will affect their personal circumstances and relationships Do It With: Warmth and friendliness Save Them: Conflict and sudden change To Facilitate Decision-Making, Provide: Attentive service and personal assurances Likes You to Be: Pleasant Support Their: Feelings Create This Environment: Personal Maintain This Pace: Slow/relaxed Focus on This Priority: The relationship/ communication At Play Be: Casual and cooperative Use Time To: Develop the relationship and listening to them Write This Way: Warm and friendly On the Telephone Be: Warm and pleasant

SOCIALIZERS Direct and Open

Needs to Know About: How it enhances their status and visibility Do It With: Flair Save Them: Effort To Facilitate Decision-Making Provide: Testimonials and incentives Likes You to Be: Stimulating Support Their: Ideas Create This Environment: Enthusiastic Maintain This Pace: Fast/ spontaneous Focus on This Priority: The relationship/ interaction At Play Be: Spontaneous and playful Use Time To: Enjoy the interaction Write This Way: Informal and dramatic On the Telephone Be: Conversational and playful

THINKERS Indirect and Guarded

Needs to Know About: How they can justify it logically / how it works Do It With: Accuracy Save Them: Embarrassment To Facilitate Decision-Making Provide: Data and documentation Likes You to Be: Precise Support Their: Procedures Create This Environment: Serious Maintain This Pace: Slow/systematic Focus on This Priority: The task/the process At Play Be: Structured/Play by the rules Use Time To: Ensure accuracy Write This Way: Detailed and precise On the Telephone Be: Businesslike and precise

DIRECTORS Direct and Guarded

Needs to Know About: What it does / by when / what it costs Do It With: Conviction Save Them: Time To Facilitate Decision-Making Provide: Options with supporting analysis Likes You to Be: To the point Support Their: Goals Create This Environment: Businesslike Maintain This Pace: Fast/ decisive Focus on This Priority: The task/ the results At Play Be: Competitive and aggressive Use Time To: Act efficiently Write This Way: Short and to the point On the Telephone Be: Short and to the point