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Posted 10 years ago


What is it?
Optimism is the belief that conditions will lead to positive outcomes. Optimism allows an entrepreneur to focus on the favorable aspects of events and circumstances. It also leads the entrepreneur to expect the most favorable outcome in any situation.

What Can You Do? Be Optimistic
What Can You Do? Be Optimistic

Why is it important?
Entrepreneurs need to believe that the situations he or she encounters will result in positive outcomes. This belief will allow the entrepreneur to take the risks necessary to create beneficial circumstances for the company. An optimistic outlook often provides an entrepreneur with the motivation to produce positive outcomes. Often the belief that a situation will have a positive outcome leads the entrepreneur to search for the means to make it so.
Optimism will allow an entrepreneur to overcome setbacks and obstacles quickly and effectively. Entrepreneurs will focus on the silver linings rather than the dark clouds. While others see failures, optimists see opportunities to learn and grow. An optimistic entrepreneur continually believes that he or she may produce the desired results.
Optimists create a winning attitude. They determine that failure will not derail their plans for success. Optimism changes the perception of all situations and allows entrepreneurs to consider negative events as one-time occurrences rather than trends. Optimism will allow the entrepreneur to overcome frustration.
How to get it if you don’t have it?
In order to create an optimistic outlook, you must first realize that the situations that you encounter do not control your reaction. You must realize that it is you alone who chooses your reaction to both adverse and positive circumstances. Once this realization has been reached, take the time to look at all aspects of all situations. Immediately dismiss any negative consequences of the situations and focus only on the positive aspects. The quicker you learn to dismiss negative thoughts, the more optimistic your outlook will be. Surround yourself with optimistic people who encourage you to be optimistic as well.
How to develop it if you have it?
Effective optimism requires more than a belief that things will improve; it requires actively searching for and creating novel approaches. An entrepreneur should evaluate each idea and method on its merits, being quick to try fresh approaches where they appear to offer advantages. Your personality can be further developed by continually seeking out better ways of doing things. Optimists see themselves as a work in progress not a static entity. This allows them to identify areas of improvement in ideas, methods, and practices, rather than desperately needing to be seen as correct.]]>