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Misunderstanding is the Mother of Conflict

Posted 8 years ago

If the English language proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention” rings true, then try this one: “misunderstanding is the mother of conflict”. Anyone who’s been in a position of leadership long enough has probably seen their fair share of situations justifying both these sayings. Today, behavioral analyst Steven Sisler, tackles the latter. He explains how this simple saying is the key to resolving and preventing conflict.

Misunderstanding is the Mother of Conflict

by Steven Sisler

The communication process is an important part of human development and understanding. It’s necessary for life and love. The necessity of mastering its process is as essential as being able to read it. People of behavioral increase are almost always onto it. Behavioral increase takes place when a person utilizes their emotional intelligence along with taking note of the behavioral cues displayed in others around them thus creating an increase in communication and social-understanding.

Someone once said, “Misunderstanding is the mother of conflict.” Indeed, most of our relationship problems stem from misunderstanding the motives, actions and behaviors of others. We also tend to be negative by nature—people are naturally against what they don’t understand. Recognizing this, and then making a concerted effort to be positive, will help create an environment of successful relationship opportunity.

Gaining an understanding of the differences between yourself and others is the first of many steps toward conflict resolution. It is also the purpose of this book. When we take the time to really get to know someone, we are showing him or her that we care. If we take the time to people read, we will learn more about them in twelve minutes than we otherwise could in twelve months. This is how we diffuse problems before they begin. If you’re going to increase the power of your relationships, learn about those you know, work with, love, and those you’re trying to love.

Steven SislerSteven Sisler is a behavioral profiler and the lead analyst for The Behavioral Resource Group. His consultations include personality difference, leadership strategy, cultural difference, spiritual growth, and temperament strategy. Working with clients in more than 18 nations, Steve gathers behavioral and attitudinal information on individuals within corporate and personal settings to develops strategies for effective leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurial success.
Steven is also the author of six books, including his upcoming The Four People Types.
Steven frequently lectures on the subjects of Communication, The Emotional Framework, The Power of Imperfection, Post-Modern Influence, Attitudes & Values, Spiritual Difference, Leadership & Self-Understanding, Behavioral Language, Personality Difference, and the Maven Way of Management.