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Managing Your Work-Life Boundaries

Posted 7 years ago

In a world with text messages, iPhone notifications, and email alerts, it is important to keep a work-life balance at the forefront. It is far too easy to blur the lines between work and leisure without any separation. This can develop anxiety, bad habits and create unneeded stress. This week, best-selling author and business coach, Tammy Holyfield shares her tips on how to develop habits to keep your work-life balance intact.

Managing Your Work-Life Boundaries

by Tammy Holyfield

Finding balance in today’s frantic-paced world is not an easy task.  There is an increased pressure to do more with less. Maybe you have experienced this seemingly out-of-control frustration and anxiety that accompanies endless phone calls, voicemails, e-mails, deadlines, appointments… and the list goes on. Most often our greatest stress comes from not keeping promises or honoring our own commitments. Work/life balance is a real issue. Boundaries of work and personal lives are often blurred due to our global economy and advanced technology. People have the ability to work anywhere – and we do – even on vacation. Being so connected can create challenges. These challenges can be overcome by applying timeless principles, creating a clear vision and setting realistic boundaries. What does balance look like for you? If there were no limits, what would you include in your “ideal week?” Balance is serious – intentional, purposeful living. It’s not for the weak.  It takes a highly effective, courageous person to live what matters most Let’s examine your current habits.  Habits are patterns of behavior that consist of three components: desire, knowledge and skill. Are your habits and actions in alignment with your highest priorities? Here are just some “Highly Effective Habits” to consider, based on the work of Dr. Steven R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Habit #2: Begin with the end in mind. This is the habit of vision. Mental creation precedes physical creation. Beginning with the end in mind will result in a clear definition of where you want to be. This vision provides criteria for deciding what is or is not important. As we start to model this way of thinking, we begin to envision outcomes before we take action, which in turn increases our focus and production.

Habit #3: Put first things first. This is the habit of integrity and execution. This habit means we are walking our talk. Our actions line up with what we say is important to us. E.M. Gray said it this way, “Successful people have the habit of doing what the unsuccessful don’t like to do.”  Then he added, “They don’t like doing them either.  But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” Keep in mind that changing habits takes personal commitment.  When a rocket is launched it expends more fuel and energy in the first few minutes of lift-off than it uses over the next several days to travel a half-million miles. Like gravity, habits have tremendous pull. What we feed grows and what we starve dies.  If we are addicted to being busy, it can give us a false sense of accomplishment.  But it is really about our purpose, we achieve balance when our actions are in alignment with our values.

Top 10 Strategies to Improve Balance CLARITY… what does balance look like to you? SELF CARE … You are your greatest asset LAUGHTER … Lighten up and laugh SERVICE … Focus on someone else PLANNING … Put the first things first EXERCISE … Every day – take a break SELF TALK … Speak kindly to yourself ONE CALENDAR … One life SAY NO … It’s OK, be honest LEARN SOMETHING NEW … Be open

timeTammy Holyfield is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and Founder of Holyfield International, a business and personal development company. Her mission is to teach, empower and equip people to live their best life everyday. Tammy teaches techniques and strategies that are easy to understand and put to use immediately to achieve greater results. You can reach Tammy at 619-431-1345 to schedule your Free 30-Minute Priority Assessment.