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Job Security is Big. The Secret is Small.

Posted 7 years ago

Job security is a big deal to everyone. Whether you recently joined a new company or you’re the owner of one, job security is something we’re continually re-cementing. Business development strategist, Tammy Holyfield has been coaching individuals and counseling businesses long enough to have discovered that  job security is something everyone, regardless of their position, thinks about. Along the way, she’s uncovered the secrets to this BIG deal, are often hiding in some pretty small places.

Job Security is Big. The Secret is Small.

by Tammy Holyfield

Job security is something that most people think about at least once in their careers. How can I ensure that I am valuable enough to my employer to ensure that my job is secure? Most people think they can add value or obtain job security by impressing the boss with a “BIG WIN.” There is another way of thinking that suggests winning happens in the attention to details. The “Winning Edge” is a concept that says, “Small differences in ability, performance, process or detail can lead to enormous differences in results.” In one year of the Olympic Games the margin of victory for the Men’s 200-meter Freestyle swimming event was only 1.42 seconds and for the Women’s 200-meter Freestyle, .59 seconds. Over the last twenty-five years in all the major golf tournaments the margin of victory combined was less than three strokes. That three stroke winning difference equated to a 76% difference in take home prize money between first and second place. “The Winning Edge says Success is in the details and Everything Counts!” In the majority of competitions, there are usually only fractions separating the decision of victory. The same is true for “winning” in business. It is attention to detail, building relationships and innovation that sets people apart. As participants in this fast-paced and uncertain global market, we must always be improving our performance. It has been said, “The magic behind every outstanding performance is always found in the smallest of details.”
Giving Just Enough to Get By? Success leaves no room for giving just enough to get by. Sam Parker and Mac Anderson shared this example of extra effort. “At 211 degrees, water is hot… At 212 degrees, it boils. Raising the temperature of water by one extra degree means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power a machine – a beautiful, uncomplicated metaphor that ideally should feed every endeavor – consistently pushing us to make the extra effort in every task we undertake. It reminds us that seemingly small things can make tremendous differences.” Most people long to accomplish great tasks, but even the biggest project depends on the success of the smallest parts. We tend to focus on the big picture, which is important. But people often dismiss small details, while in fact, our whole ecosystem is simply an accumulation of tiny details. Think about the tiny seeds that produce the abundant harvest in the fall or the stability of a downtown twenty story building. The integrity of the structure could be threatened by the smallest element. This same principle applies to all areas of business. There is a science behind every outstanding performance, great relationship, luxury car, custom home, exceptional meal, or fine piece of furniture, it is a craftsmanship found in the details. Some believe they are too busy to focus on details, or that attending to the ‘minutia’ of your career or business would make you less effective in producing superior products and services. When the details are neglected, organizations are often challenged by greater problems. The details of everyday work affect the ability to compete and prosper. Organizations are holding on to individuals who understand that very small differences, consistently practiced, produce superior results. Successful people know that everything counts. Consistent attention to details produces excellence, and often job security.

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Tammy Holyfield is the founder of Holyfield International, a business and personal development company. Holyfield International works with business professionals, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers, leaders, and individuals from all walks of life, teaching skills that are proven, practical and get results. She is also a business and personal coach, professional speaker, author, and consultant. For information on organizational solutions or to reach her visit www.holyfieldinternational.com or call 619-431-1345. Follow Tammy on Twitter and Facebook for more insights on business and leadership.