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How to Read a Person Like a Book (PODCAST)

Posted 9 years ago

Dr. Alessandra discusses his personal experiences which led him to the realization that people will actually “show you how they want to be treated” if you know what to look for.  This skill (ie The Platinum Rule) is particularly invaluable for sales professionals, business managers and everyday communication. LISTEN HERE!

tony alessandra
Hall-of-Fame Speaker & Assessments 24×7 CVO, Dr. Tony Alessandra

Dr. Tony Alessandra earned his PhD in marketing (1976) and has authored 30+ books and 100+ audio/video programs. He was inducted into the NSA Speakers Hall of Fame (1985) & Top Sales World’s Hall of Fame (2010).
He is also the CEO of  Assessments24x7, a company that equips coaches, consultants and companies with dozens of assessments (DISC, Motivators, HVP, etc.) from one, easy-to-use automated online account.  Interested in one of these assessment accounts? To receive more info, fill out THIS FORM.