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Does Your Website Offer Extraordinary Value?

Posted 7 years ago

What’s your extraordinary value proposition? As coaches and consultants, it’s important that our extraordinary value proposition is clear, concise and relevant. There’s no more important place to communicate this than your website. In today’s world, your website is your business’ online headquarters and front door, all rolled into one. Does your website offer extraordinary value? Does it inspire confidence? Convey relevance? Instill trust? Your website is often your first (and sometimes only) opportunity to make an impression. This week, coach Ron Finklestein offers his advice for constructing an effective website for consultants. Ron dispels some popular misconceptions and offers his tips for crafting a compelling online message that makes your site sticky and keeps prospects coming back.

Does Your Website Offer Extraordinary Value?

by Ron Finklestein

Business owners today are spending a fortune to build a company website with all the bells and whistles. They’re operating under the mistaken belief that “more is better.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Websites don’t sell… relationships sell.

Your prospects must feel that they can trust you and that you have their best interests at heart. They want to feel that they’re dealing with “the expert.” Your website should be designed to establish these vital components in order to increase the bottom line for your business.

What you need to know…

Prospects today won’t give you their time willingly. You MUST earn it, and that means you must give your prospects something compelling to make them want to stick around your website so they can see exactly what value you offer them.

Your website must convince your prospects that your product or service offers “extraordinary value.” And it must resonate with them emotionally. Most websites simply state the features of what you sell, and then expect your prospects to buy it. Prospects today want value. You MUST educate them as to why you’re the one business in your industry that provides them with the most value.

The way you accomplish this is to use what we refer to as “The Marketing Equation.” We’ve discussed this in earlier emails. The Marketing Equation consists of 4 major components… Interrupt (hot button based headline), Engage (sub-headline that promises a solution to the headline), Educate (body copy that conveys your extraordinary value) and a compelling Offer (a specific call to action).

Why you need to know this…

To consistently attract more clients to your business… and to effectively convert prospects into clients, it’s critical that you develop a compelling website that offers extraordinary value to your prospects and compels them to instantly want to know more information about your product or service. Your website must focus on the benefits and on the value your business provides that your competition doesn’t.

Your website should offer free access to information… information that quickly and clearly articulates what you do and the benefits and value you offer. A free informational report may compel interested prospects to seek you out once they understand the extraordinary value that you… and you alone provide.

The cost to you if you fail to act…

A well-crafted and well-developed website can generate a tremendous number of new leads for your business. Your “offer” is the key to generating these leads. Offer valuable information, free trials of your product or service or whatever else may be important to your prospects.

When you do a little quirk in human behavior sets in. It’s called “reciprocity.” When you give freely and willingly to help others, they feel compelled to return that generosity through reciprocity. The key is to know and understand specifically what it is your prospects truly “want,” and then give it to them. That earns you the right to ask them to do business with you.


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