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Expanding your mind by thinking differently.

Posted 10 years ago

Expanding your mind by thinking in a different way may just help you solve any problem you confront!
In the past hundred years, and maybe even for all time, there’s one person who really represents the essence of the quintessential thinker – Albert Einstein. Not only did Einstein think like a genius, he even looked like one, with the flowing white hair and the melancholy eyes that seem to see everything. I assure you, without Einstein there would have been no Yoda in Star Wars or no Doctor Emmett Brown in Back to The Future. Of course, without Einstein lots of things would be very different. Einstein was a visionary genius – someone who sees things that other people don’t see. The person who looks around and recognizes possibilities that are invisible to everybody else. The kind of person who will help others think differently with their alternative views. This may sound great, but being a visionary genius doesn’t exactly make for an easy life! More often than not, the world isn’t eager to accept the new realities that the visionary genius proposes. Throughout history, visionaries have been laughed at or ignored or sometimes even imprisoned or killed. But they are the ones who have really made progress possible – not just on the material level, but also in how we think and feel and experience life as a whole. The purpose of visionary thinking is to give yourself the experience of thinking in dimensions that are outside your ordinary mental experience. Thoughts on the scale of the very large and the very small. Sometimes these ideas can seem pretty outlandish – but they may be less outlandish than you think. What if you found a digital camera on a deserted island? Does it prove that someone else was on the island, or whether the camera could have assembled itself? Actually, this is a hypothetical situation that has been discussed for more than 200 years. In its original form, the found object was a watch rather than a camera. The fact is: the complexities and apparent coincidences of life at the molecular level are infinitely more detailed than a camera or a watch. Yet here we are. Were we, in effect, able to assemble ourselves – through trial and error – because of the vast amount of time that was available? Or was there – is there – somebody else on the island? I don’t have the answer. I just want you to know that it’s a question that’s taken seriously, even though it may have seemed very far out when you first heard it. That’s often the way it is with visionary ideas. So take the time to consider your capabilities for visionary genius – by thinking about the ordinary in a different way, you may find yourself developing a better method of thinking – one that may get you to unexpected and exciting places!