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Customer Interaction: Do You Hear Me Now?

Posted 13 years ago

Telephone Communication: Can you hear me now? With Cell phones fast out numbering the landlines we use, using them to our advantage may in reality be a disadvantage with our customer interaction objectives. Considering the different ways we use phones these days: to find your significant other when you’re separated in the mall, to keep tabs on the kids, chat with family and friends we may be losing the “formality” and therefore the manners we were taught when using the land line. Keeping a few tips in mind can help. When answering the phone you use for business, immediately identify your company, department, and your name.

  1. Call your customers by name. Not only will the customer be pleased, but by repeating the name you’re more likely to remember it.
  2. Know yourself and how you sound to others. Record your voice then critique your tone, manners, friendliness, and vocal quality.
  3. Always use the hold button if you must temporarily leave the phone.
  4. Reassure the customer every 20‑30 seconds that you haven’t forgotten him/her when you’ve placed them on hold.
  5. Know your customers. Know how they prefer to be treated. Then deal with them in their preferred mode.
  6. Know your product or service. Your product mastery should shine through.
  7. Keep a note pad and pen handy so you can quickly write messages or notes.
  8. Plan your calls ahead. Try writing a summary of everything you need to know before making the call.
  9. Let the customer hang up first.
  10. Choose your words carefully. On the telephone, your words and vocal quality carry your message.