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Charisma-Do You Have It?

Posted 10 years ago

Develop charisma on your commute to work! Have you ever noticed that when some people walk into a room, all heads turn? Or when some people speak, they captivate everyone around them. Moreover, how about the type of people who, when you shake their hand, you instantly trust them… believe them… and like them! What is their secret? What do they have that most people don’t? It is called… charisma — undoubtedly one of the most desirable qualities in the world. By developing charisma: * You get far more respect than the average person! * People seem to adore you without any effort on your part! * You exude huge amounts of self-confidence and self-esteem! * You seem extremely powerful without being intimidating! * You put people at ease and make them feel understood! * And you are able to easily get what you want, because people instinctively want to help you! Now you can be the person everyone wants to be like! In The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People, Dr. Tony Alessandra offers a complete how-to guide to accessing and developing the kind of powerful personal magnetism that will draw people to you, make them feel comfortable with you, and compel them to help you achieve your personal goals. Through this powerful 6-CD audio program, you will learn how to master each of the 10 Universal Keys to Charisma — 10 specific qualities that are present in each one of us, but are all highly developed in truly charismatic people. Powerful real-life examples of charisma in action will help you understand why these skills are so vital to your success. Quizzes, exercises, and anecdotes will help you assess your current level of ability in each area. In addition, you will learn specific techniques, skills, and strategies that target each area and will help you develop each one to your maximum ability. Once you do, that magical, mysterious power that attracts people and wins them over will be yours!

A royal example of the power of learned charisma and what it can do! A classic example of someone who learned charisma and used it to flourish is the late Princess Diana. When she first arrived on the public scene as young Diana Spencer, she was a shy, awkward girl, with no presence at all. But by learning how to maximize the aspects of her personality that had the most potential, she blossomed from “Shy Di” into an international icon. Beloved by millions around the world, the power of her presence went much deeper than her beauty, confidence, or title… and it enabled her to gain tremendous financial and media support for the humanitarian causes most important to her. In this program, you will discover all the tools you need to experience this same kind of profound personal transformation in your own life.

Develop the single most advantageous skill in the world! Whether you are running a corporation, a department, a classroom, a volunteer program, or a household, there is no skill more valuable than the ability to positively influence others. You already have the potential to be more charismatic. Once you unlock it, you will have an extraordinary edge in life shared only by a select few.