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CEO Update, Brandon Parker 3rd Quarter 2020

Posted 4 years ago

Thank you all, and here’s what’s next! 

To say that the past quarter has been challenging would certainly be a massive understatement, but watching our team at Assessments 24×7 pull out ALL the stops, pivot on a daily basis, and churn out some truly impressive work was absolutely awe-inspiring. We realized in early March that everything in our lives and our business was quickly going to get turned upside down and we would be in uncharted waters, but as a team our philosophy was simply, “Don’t take your foot off the gas!” So for the past few months we didn’t. We hustled, we brainstormed, we all worked as hard as we ever have, and I’m happy to say that as a company and as a team we’re stronger than we’ve ever been. There’s one more important piece to this puzzle and that is YOU, our partners, clients, and customers!  We are incredibly thankful for your continued support and we want to offer the biggest “Thank You” possible to all of you for that!

Many, many of you used your time to further your skills by getting certified in one (or more!) of the Core Certifications. Congratulations on taking the opportunity to invest in your future, it is going to pay huge dividends. Even more of you took the opportunity to attend one of the free webinars that we offered. We covered a wide range of topics from DISC styles to marketing your business, and we got so much great feedback from these that we plan to continue to have them on a regular basis.

A New Interface And HireSenseTM

As for “What’s next?” we’ve got some exciting plans in the works. The two big ones I’ll focus on here are our new assessment interface and our brand new hiring and selection tool, HireSenseTM.

I believe that our assessment tools are the best in the industry. They have been subjected to an objective, independently conducted battery of tests: Construct Validity, Reliability, and Disparate Impact – all by a qualified, third party scientific authority. However, after launching our updated website in February, we felt that it was time for an update to the overall look and feel of the assessment interface as well. We’ve even heard from some of you that you’d like to see a more modern look, and we appreciate the feedback. Our development team is currently working on this and we’ll unveil a significant assessment interface update in the coming months.

The news that I’m MOST excited about right now is the launch of our hiring & selection tool, HireSenseTM. The development and launch of HireSenseTM has involved every member of the team to some degree and I can’t wait for you to give it a try. It integrates three of our top, scientifically validated assessments to take the guesswork and “gut reaction” out of hiring decisions. Reports can be accessed on desktop as well as our app. Contact the team at [email protected] for more details.

From a personal perspective, I’ve come out of this experience with a positive outlook. I’ve managed to sneak in a little extra fishing this spring, and although the quarantine put a halt to some big plans for celebrating my one year wedding anniversary, we still made the day special and are thankful for all the good and positive things in our lives.

Once again, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you that hung in there with us during this very difficult time. It’s been my honor to provide you with the service that you’ve come to expect from me and this company. I’m overjoyed as I see business for many of you begin to pick up again and I’ll look forward to continuing to develop products and services that will help you grow.