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CEO Update, Brandon Parker 1st Quarter 2023

Posted a year ago

As we close out the first quarter of 2023, I want to follow up on the DISC First concept introduced in my last update. With Assessments 24x7’s focus on the foundational DISC assessment and its uses for team-building, conflict resolution, strengthening relationships, and as a hiring tool, let’s now delve into the ‘Why’ of centering around DISC.

The strategic move of concentrating on the DISC assessment will benefit both our company and our customers. We provide a wide variety of assessments, each having an important purpose; however, DISC has proven to be the foundation to everything. It is the most effective tool for understanding the behavior and communication styles of individuals. Over the years, we’ve significantly grown our assessment catalog, and that’s not going away. The DISC assessment has been the most popular and beneficial tool for our clients, and by focusing on DISC we can provide a more comprehensive and effective service. Putting DISC first, in conjunction with other assessment tools, provides the most effective outcome.

If you’ve been working with us for any length of time, you’re aware that our team members are experts in DISC. By narrowing our focus, we can produce more integrated DISC content and provide our clients with the best possible service and support. We will have additional resources to invest in research and development, allowing us to continuously improve our DISC assessment and the materials that support it.

While on the subject of DISC, I thought that you might appreciate a demonstration of just how invested I am in the power of this assessment. If you’ve read some of my previous updates, you probably know that I’m the head coach of the high school lacrosse team in Wenatchee, WA. This year I decided that, instead of the typical pizza party for a team-building activity, I would have my team take the DISC assessment and then go through a training session with one of our top-notch trainers (and VP of Instructional Design and Certification), Jen Larsen. Jen had the challenging task of putting together a training program that would keep nearly 40 teenage lacrosse players (and a fair number of their parents) focused for 3.5 hours. Of course, she knocked it out of the park and came up with some fun activities and great insights from their reports. I’m happy to report that this group of teens now has a considerable head start in understanding how the people in their lives have entirely different ways of communicating, and they have strategies for adapting to those communication styles. It was also a rare opportunity for me to see Jen Larsen in her element, doing a live training session, and wow! She is just really, really great at what she does!

I hope this update gave you some insights about our DISC First focus, and maybe even some new ideas for incorporating DISC into your everyday lives. We are excited about this new direction and look forward to continuing to support our clients in their personal and professional development. Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions for me or the team!

DISC training session with the team.