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CEO Update, Brandon Parker 1st Quarter 2022

Posted 2 years ago

Well, here we are, beginning a new year and reflecting on 2021. As the team at Assessments 24x7 looks toward the goals we’ve set for 2022, I’m continuing to process the significant changes we've all had over the past year. I think if I were going to choose one word to describe our last year at Assessments 24x7, it would be “clarity.” That’s not to say that the entire year was filled with clarity… as a matter of fact, many of our company meetings included discussions of conflicting priorities, reprioritizing items that had previously been declared “Priority ONE,” and generally taking a zigzagging path to our eventual goals. I’m sure many of you can relate, and I’m discussing this with complete transparency because I don’t think that times like this are rare in businesses. We often start a business with a solid vision, then we change, our niche changes, technology changes, I could go on, but undoubtedly you’ve been there. What makes me so happy and so proud of our team is that as a group, we had the self-awareness to recognize that we needed clarity, and we just kept working at it. We knew we needed to focus. “When everything is important, nothing is important” has become a mantra for businesses at every level, and we’re no exception.
What clarity has come to mean for us is a focus on DISC. It is at the center of everything we do. The nucleus of the A24x7 atom, or the sun of the A24x7 solar system, for those of you that want to visualize it. Does that mean we will ONLY offer DISC? No, it doesn’t. But what we have recognized is that even when we are developing new products and updating existing products, we need to maintain our focus on DISC. So, yes, you can still expect many top-notch, validated assessments from us, but you’re also going to notice that more and more, we will relate those assessments to DISC. Taking the time and effort to learn to improve our ability to communicate with those around us will never be a waste of time or go out of style, and DISC will always be one of the best avenues for understanding our own communication styles and the styles of those around us.
I know that January is often a time for reflection and goal setting. Please reach out and let me know what you learned last year and how it will affect your business and business decisions in 2022, and as always, if there is anything that the team at Assessments 24x7 can do to help you with your goals, please let me know!