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Achieving Effective Influence with 3 Significant Insights

Posted 7 years ago

Earning trust and building relationships with people is a skill that a lot of people are trying to master. Influence is one of the most powerful and important ways to accomplish this and grow sales. It is one of the most important skills to have in business and to help reach your goals. This week, Gregg Baron breaks down three main ways to be an effective influencer and improve your skill set.

Achieving Effective Influence with 3 Significant Insights

by Gregg Baron

“Your greatest source of power is your ability to influence the way people feel and ultimately what they believe.” We see influence as the single most important interpersonal skill you can have in business. It’s the difference in effective selling, customer experience management, leadership and teaming. Influence skills are comprised of several critical sub skills including strategic listening, the use of questions, empathy, rapport building, framing and positioning.  Below are three significant insights that will give your influence skills a boost.

FIRST: The insight that is often overlooked is that human beings are driven by one of two core possibilities in any given context. What drives human beings is either a) the desire to move toward payoffs, pleasure, or benefits, or b) the need to move away from pain, fear, loss, embarrassment, or risk. If you dig deep enough you will see this is the core of every decision human beings make.

SECOND: “No one ever changes their mind or behavior when they continue to SEE things the same way.” All shifts in decisions and behavior are preceded by a shift in perception. Your opportunity to influence positively is to facilitate that shift in perception.

THIRD: Shifts in perception can trigger a shift in how people feel. How people feel is a powerful force in influencing decisions and behavior. Consider the shift from certainty to uncertainty; anxiety to confidence; No trust to trust; feeling ignored to feeling acknowledged; not particularly respected to respected; being taken for granted to feeling valued and appreciated.

effective influenceGregg Baron, CMC is the president of Success Sciences, Inc. headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Success Sciences is a research based performance improvement firm that focuses on developing a team’s ability to earn and retain more successful customer relationships. They do that by significantly enhancing their competence, confidence and consistency in managing the prospect and customer experience.

These insights are fundamental to effective influence. To read more about other high impact influence skills and insights, get a complimentary copy of the Art of Influence Simplified. Please go here: http://www.success-sciences.com/artofinfluence/