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Sample Reports

Assessments work by measuring a variety of criteria: intellectual ability, achievement motivation, skill proficiency, work styles, personality characteristics, and personal values.


Sample Report
DISC Sales
DISC Leadership
DISC Leadership Summary
DISC Coaching
DISC Service
DISC 360
DISC Summary
DISC Sales Summary
DISC Relationships
Biblical DISC
Taking Flight with DISC - Birds

DISC Languages

Sample Report
DISC Self - Arabic
DISC Self - Mandarin (Chinese)
DISC Self - Dutch
DISC Self - French
DISC Self - German
DISC Self - Indonesian
DISC Self - Italian
DISC Self - Japanese
DISC Self - Khmer (Cambodian)
DISC Self - Korean
DISC Self - Malaysian
DISC Self - Norwegian
DISC Self - Portuguese
DISC Self - Portuguese (Brazil)
DISC Self - Russian
DISC Self - Spanish
DISC Self - Swedish
DISC Self - Turkish
DISC Self - UK
DISC Self - Vietnamese
DISC Leadership - Mandarin (Chinese)
DISC Leadership - Dutch
DISC Leadership - French
DISC Leadership - German
DISC Leadership - Japanese
DISC Leadership - Korean
DISC Leadership - Spanish
DISC Leadership - Swedish
DISC Leadership - Turkish
DISC Leadership - Vietnamese
DISC Sales - Dutch
DISC Sales - French
DISC Sales - Norwegian
DISC Sales - Spanish
DISC Sales - Swedish
DISC Sales - Turkish


Sample Report
Motivators Assessment

Motivators Languages

Sample Report
Motivators - Arabic
Motivators - Dutch
Motivators - French
Motivators - Italian
Motivators - Japanese
Motivators - German
Motivators - Portuguese
Motivators - Russian
Motivators - Swedish
Motivators - Spanish
Motivators - Turkish
Motivators - UK
Motivators - Vietnamese

Hartman Value Profile

Sample Report
Hartman Value Profile - Self
Hartman Value Profile - Sales
Hartman Value Profile - Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Sample Report
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) 360
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) - French
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) - Japanese
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) - Portuguese (Brazil)
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) - Spanish
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) - Vietnamese

Learning Styles

Sample Report
Learning Styles
Learning Styles - French
Learning Styles - Japanese
Learning Styles - Portuguese (Brazil)
Learning Styles - Vietnamese

Combined Reports

Sample Report
DISC and Motivators - Lite
DISC and Motivators
DISC and Motivators - French
DISC and Motivators - German
DISC and Motivators - Portuguese
DISC and Motivators - Russian
DISC and Motivators - Spanish
DISC Leadership and Motivators
DISC Leadership and Motivators - German
DISC Leadership and Motivators - French
DISC Leadership and Motivators - Spanish
DISC Sales and Motivators
DISC Sales and Motivators - French
DISC Service and Motivators
DISC Coaching and Motivators
DISC and EIQ-2
DISC Leadership and EIQ-2
DISC Sales and EIQ-2
DISC and Learning Styles
DISC Sales and Learning Styles
DISC Leadership and Learning Styles

Specialty Reports

Sample Report
Core Competency Index
Sales IQ
Sales IQ - French
Sales IQ - Portuguese
Sales IQ - Swedish
Sales IQ - Turkish
Sales IQ - Vietnamese
Critical Thinking Report

Talent Development

Sample Report
Executive Summary - Development

360 Behavioral Profiles

Sample Report
DISC 360
Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) 360
Leadership Effectiveness 360
Communication Styles
Communication Styles Plus

Hiring & Selection

Sample Report
Executive Summary - General
Executive Summary - Sales
Executive Summary - Leadership
Executive Summary - Customer Service
HireSense - Summary
Workplace Strengths

DISC Team Reports

Sample Report
DISC Team Dynamics Report
DISC Team Dynamics Report - Dutch
DISC Team Dynamics Report - French
DISC Team Dynamics Report - Portuguese
DISC Team Dynamics Report - Swedish
DISC Team Dynamics Report - Vietnamese
DISC Team Summary Report
DISC Group Graphs
DISC Behavioral Tendencies
DISC Integrated Behaviors
DISC Team Wheel
DISC Collaboration
DISC Collaboration Relationships

Motivators Team Reports

Sample Report
Motivators Group Graphs
Motivators Team Wheel

Sales IQ Team Reports

Sample Report
Sales IQ Team Report
Sales IQ Team Report - French
Sales IQ Team Report - Turkish
Sales IQ Team Report - Vietnamese