Terri McCormick

Terri McCormick

In a decade plus as a US Naval Officer, LCDR McCormick received excellent leadership training and cultivated solid people management skills. In the next decade plus, Terri gained expertise in technology consulting at Etak, A Digital Mapping Pioneer, now called TeleAtlas, and IBM. Six years ago, Terri started her journey at Appian: The Digital Transformation Platform, first as a technical product trainer, and for the past three years, in the newly formed Talent Development group where she manages and delivers employee professional development including Frontline Leadership, Interviewer Skills, New Hire Orientation, and Effective Communications Using DISC.

2018 The Leadership + Talent Development Summit Speaking Topics:

IPO and DISC: Preparing Appian, a high growth technology company, for success in the future with Assessments 24x7

Come along on our 18-year journey from start up to hot tech IPO of 2017. Hear about our formal leadership program and the role Dr Alessandra and the entire Assessment 24x7 team played when it came time to select a vendor for our first ever corporate wide training initiative.

In other words,
For the D’s: Get advice on what steps you can take for a successful companywide rollout.
For the I’s: Learn about who you should target for early classes in order to build momentum
For the S’s: Discover how traveling the world can lead to better participation and adoption
For the C’s: We’ve got analysis of our entire company which reinforces our decision-making process and why DISC is now a critical part of our new hire orientation.

We promise a funny, informative, relevant, detailed look at Talent Development in company full of talented people.