Steve Sisler

Steve Sisler

Behavioral Profiler & DISC/ Motivators Combo Certification trainer

For more than thirty years, Steven Sisler has been an innovator in the areas of people types, personality consultation, family/relationship dynamics and emotional intelligence.

As a behavioral mastermind and personality expert certified in both behavior and values analysis, Steve is a frequent guest on world-class podcasts such as The Art of Charm, Setori Prime, The Unmistakable Creative, The Competitive Edge, and Ben Greenfield. Totaling over 2 million downloads; Steve is making a difference around the world.

Steve has consulted on “personality difference” with over one hundred .com companies in 18 countries including The US Military, Beechnut Nutritional Corp, Signature Brands, Mastermindtalks, and, to just name a few.

Steven has lectured at the EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program at M.I.T. for the last 6 years and has spoken over 4,000 times in his career including speaking in Athens Greece, 5 Australian Cities, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and has shared the stage with world class entrepreneurs such as David Asbrey—founder of Bullet Proof Coffee, Cameron Herald—former COO of 1-800-gotjunk, Guy Kawasaki—Apple’s former Chief Evangelist, Kimbal Musk—board member Tesla Motors, and Steve Sims of BlueFish.

Steve is currently working with his partner, Zeke Lopez on a multi-year project creating improved behavioral and motivational assessment tools based upon the Aristos Personality model, which will integrate both behavioral, axiological, and motivational factors into one cohesive framework. Today’s talk will give you a brief overview of how understanding our workplace motivators and brain types will ensure a thriving consulting career, a voice to the masses, and a lucrative income.

Steve has authored 7 books including: “The Four People Types and what drive’s them,” “There’s More To Management Than A Big Desk," and a 30 year Theological work entitled, “The Freedom of Being; forsake the opinions of others and release your authentic self,” where Steve dismantles old theological ideas and reshapes them for modern living. His latest work entitled, “The Angry Brain, understanding the dominant personality,” will hit Amazon late this year.

Steve has 3 children and lives in Dallas with his wife of 33 years.



2018 The Leadership + Talent Development Summit Speaking Topics:

Integrated Motivational Orientations: Motivation, The Brain, And Behavioral Modification.

The big idea: Motivation is central to our lives at work. Having a systematic approach to motivating your behavior is what matters—yours and others. this is a skill that can be learned.

Your IMO: Helps you understand some of the hidden forces of your motivators and help you to increase the positive effects and reduce any of the potentially harmful effects of your motivational orientation. Understanding the building blocks of your motivational system and the ways in which they can work better for you is essential, not optional.

The simpler you can create pathways to influence what energizes, orients and directs you to behave in certain ways, the better you can arrange things to make your actions more useful. What matters most is to get started by understanding (sufficient awareness and no more) how your motivational system works—getting a sense of influence and mastery. Few of us have any systematic way of doing just that. When understanding your own personal IMO, “focus on what directly leads you to take action.” You won’t make yourself more effective by copying other people’s motives; you must first start with your own motivational nature and what serves you best and then make it automatic.

The main actors in why we do certain things and not others are your motivational orientation and your environment. Your motivational system lies at the heart of your behavior (what we do or not do) because you are in a better position to influence your behavior than to change your environment. Your unique Integrated Motivational Orientation (IMO) is the central concept of importance to you in this report.