Robert Jerus

EIQ-2 Certification Trainer

As a certified human resource professional with over 30 years of experience, Robert has had the opportunity to develop and grow as a learning and OD professional. He is the author of "Surefire Success," "Leadership Language," "Wise Communication," "Sales Savvy," and "Mind Matters: Applying Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Success." As a university professor and administrator, he’s developed, taught, administered, delivered and assessed both curriculum and courses at graduate and undergraduate levels for traditional, adult education and on-line programs. Robert has taught marketing, management, human resources, adult development and psychology. He describes his programs as emphasizing measurable, sustainable results.

Robert’s work certification training for Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2 Learning System) features visual presentations, experiential exercises and validated, comprehensive assessments.

Robert’s background includes time with 10 universities in administrative, teaching, development and evaluation. As a psychologist, he’s worked with marriage and family therapy, career development, transition and other traditional roles. Robert has consulted and coached in staffing, career transition, performance management, team building, and organizational development.

Robert Jerus founded the Society of Emotional Intelligence in Orlando and is a frequent speaker/blogger on applied emotional intelligence and positive psychology topics. He is currently a member of Six Seconds (EI), SHRM (SPHR certified) and ATD (formerly ASTD).