The Sales Effectiveness 360


How Ready are You for Sales Opportunities?

How Ready is Your Sales Team (compared to competitors) for the Emerging Sales Opportunities in today's economy?

Sales success requires that you be highly effective in two areas:
• Making sales
• Managing yourself as a sales person

There are a multitude of skills, behaviors, knowledge and attitudes involved in any successful sales career. To know how to improve your own sales performance requires that you look at all of them from time to time. The SalesEffectiveness360 (SE360) is your tool for doing a quick self-assessment and for gaining the input of others as well.

This instrument consists of a simple set of 32 questions that guide you in assessing each of the eight primary sales competencies. A sales "competency" is a category of selling proficiency that contains a number of different skill and knowledge components. All eight competencies combine to provide an overview of your selling effectiveness.

Four questions explore each competency from a variety of perspectives. For example: in "preparation" the competency is explored by questions related to Sales Preparation as well as Self Preparation. Sales preparation is addressed externally, outside your own company, and internally, within your company. Self-preparation is addressed from the standpoint of mental preparation and physical preparation. A similar pattern is applied to all eight competencies.

What this means to you is that when you want to increase your sales results, rather than just making more calls or being more persuasive in your presentations, you can identify exactly which of the 32 aspects of selling on which to focus. You can be surgical in your focus rather than general. For example: Your limiting factor may be in who you have targeted as prospects or in how you are trying to build credibility with them. Alternatively, it may be in the questions you are asking to determine a prospect's needs or even in the way you answer questions.

By assessing your sales effectiveness in each area, you will gain an overview that allows you to be a much better self-manager as well as a better sales person.

This SalesEffectiveness360 assessment should be done at least three times each year. As you master one area of selling, another area might need your attention. Nobody can attend to all areas all of the time, so occasional check-ups will make a big difference in keeping you in a constant state of improvement.

The Observer component of the SE360 is of big value. By seeking an assessment from others, i.e., a sales coach, manager, coworker, friend or key client, you will expand your awareness profoundly. Even though you may know yourself very well, the observations of others about your skills or behaviors can tell you much that would never have occurred to you by using only your own point of view.

Three possible outcomes will be evident in your SE360. When you see the chart displaying your self-assessment side by side with the assessments from your observers, you will see:

1. Areas on which you agree that things are going fine
2. Areas on which you agree that improvement is needed
3. Areas on which you disagree about the need

With the agreement that things are fine, your best path is to continue as is. With the agreement that improvement is needed, your next step is to decide specifically what and how to improve. In addition, with disagreement as to whether improvement is needed or not, you can focus on exploring the situation to see whose view is most accurate.

The major aspects of each sales area are identified for you in this report and are directly related to each of the 32 key areas of sales effectiveness.

For the upper-level Sales Leader or Executive: determine your organization's overall sales effectiveness and identify the training that is most needed by having each of your sales people complete an assessment.

As a Supervisor or Sales Manager: you can use SalesEffectiveness360 in a coaching interview showing your observations alongside a candidate's self-assessment to determine exactly which aspects of sales effectiveness they need. You can be surgical in your coaching, rather than general.

As a new or veteran Sales Professional: you will learn more about your effectiveness in all aspects of selling and you'll have a clear idea of which skills to refine first.

The Assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.