Matthew Dickson

Matthew Dickson


In a time of marketing specialists, Matt has the unique ability to see the "big picture" and pull seemingly disparate aspects of an organization's marketing into a single cohesive brand strategy that elevates its identity and accelerates growth. He's equal parts creative and strategically pragmatic, with a strong vision for success in a 21st century business environment.

Hailing from San Francisco, Matt began his career as writer and contributing editor for more than a dozen publications including The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The LA Weekly, Surface Magazine, The Wire Magazine and The Village Voice.

After moving to San Diego in 2009, Matt accepted a multimedia account management position with The San Diego Reader (w/ Voice Media Group). For the next 5-1/2 years he developed and orchestrated dozens of regional and national advertising campaigns for organizations like Toyota, VA Clinical Research, AMC Theaters and Massage Envy. In October 2014 Matt left The San Diego Reader/Voice Media Group and joined Assessments 24x7 to spearhead their marketing as CMO.

Matt instantly set about launching an 18-month rebranding strategy for Assessments 24x7 that touched upon almost every facet of the business. In his first 13-months as CMO, Assessments 24x7’s monthly gross sales and new client acquisition rates more than doubled. Among many other things, Matt oversees sales & marketing objectives, brand conceptualization & management, marketing collateral creation, product redesign, copy-writing, social media management, advertising buys, website management and writing, email marketing, client consultations and new account procurement.

Matt and his wife live in San Diego, California. He received his Bachelor of Arts (BA) with honors in Journalism from San Francisco State University’s impacted 5-year program (2004). He was a recipient of the Young Journalists of America ladder program for graduate students at University of California, Berkeley (2005).

2018 The Leadership + Talent Development Summit Speaking Topics:

How to Market & Sell Assessments

Join Assessments 24x7 team members Matt Dickson and Mark Snow for the opportunity to pose your most pressing sales & marketing questions in an open forum. Got a long list of them? We have you covered. No question is too tough for this pair. Matt skewed conventional wisdom, "left a cushy corporate advertising gig" mid-career and accepted the challenge of building a more competitive Assessments 24x7 brand. In only his first 3-years as CMO (atop a sales & marketing department of one!), Matt's comprehensive re-branding initiative catapulted the company's monthly sales by over 400%. Mark joined the Assessments 24x7 team in early 2017 as the company's VP of Program Development. He's since spearheaded formation of their new train-the-trainer global network. After two decades as one of the assessment industry's best-networked professionals, Mark brings his fresh ideas and concepts to this fast-growing team.