Jennifer Voitlein

Jennifer Voitlein

Director of Instructional Design & Certification

Jennifer Voitlein is Assessments 24x7’s in-house Director of Certification, Coach/Mentor, professional Values Analyst, and instructional designer for client customization and resource development. She specializes in helping clients, coaches and facilitators understand unique assessment results, and assists individuals and groups in personal and professional development.

Through educating others in improving communication, understanding critical thinking, embracing learning styles, evaluating emotional intelligence, and aligning behavior and values, Jennifer seeks to infuse others with a passion for learning and growing, encourage self-awareness, and impart simple, practical and applicable knowledge to help grow relationships and increase personal and professional effectiveness. 

Her career path has included individual and organizational development, secondary and adult education, customer service, corporate finance, and investor relations.  She holds a Washington State Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Composition & Rhetoric, a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training, a Master of Science in Psychology, and a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management.

She is also certified in a variety of training courses and development workshops with many well-known vendors. She’s traveled all over the world sharing her passion and expertise, and training and certifying others to make a difference. Jennifer has delivered intimate and large-scale, public and private presentations since 2001 to corporate, educational, and professional development audiences on topics such as leadership development, self-awareness and personal growth, relationships between men and women, building effective communication, and quality training programs.

Jen is an avid painter, a professional singer, a blessed wife, and an active mom to three boys.

2018 The Leadership + Talent Development Summit Speaking Topics:

Day 1 - 5-5:30: “What’s New with our Core Assessments and Certifications?”

Each of us is the composite of core styles. A core style is one of the lynchpin aspects of your identity and helps predict performance tendencies at work and in life. Each of the validated Core Assessments measures these core styles qualitatively and/or quantitatively. In this session you’ll learn more about each of the Core Assessments and explore how they interact and support one another to present a comprehensive picture to create and influence self-awareness, growth and development.

Day 2 - 2:10-2:40: eLearning Games

How can we help others engage in learning? One of the things we know for sure is that if learning is fun, interactive and accessible, our chances of learning and retaining the information increase. In this session, we’ll explore our new learning tools and review some of the resources we have to support you and your clients. Bring your thinking cap and warm up your buzzers; it’s time to play and learn!