"Essential Skills Workshops"

Trust-Based Leadership

In this unique leadership workshop, participants will explore their Leadership Style as it relates specifically to those they lead. Each participant will receive their results on the DISC assessments as well as the results of the employees they lead! In this full-day workshop participants will explore their strengths and challenges, as well as how their style is likely to impact each members of their team.

We will engage the leaders in interpersonal problem solving activities that are aimed specifically at building long-term trust through a process of adapting their leadership style when appropriate. The result is a greater self-awareness and understanding for the leader, and greater adaptability in motivating their workforce effectively. Over time, your team will have the opportunity to provide real time feedback to make improvement a continuous ongoing process.

Target Audience:

Incumbent & new managers who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the motivational and supportive needs of those they lead.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn specific strategies for motivating and influencing staff
  • Understand interpersonal boundaries, barriers, and hot-buttons
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness while reducing conflict


  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Executive Presence

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Essential Skills Workshops
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