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Sales Optimization

We are often asked “Which sales approach works the best?” And the answer is simple: whichever approach your customer will best respond to. The DISC assessment has been trusted in sales departments for decades because of its ability to help sales agents on two key issues:

  • 1. Understanding How they may be “coming off” to the prospect
  • 2. Knowing which sales approach the prospect is most likely to innately find comforting

This fast-paced full day course uses two of our high-impact tools. The SalesIQ assessment asks participants to respond to several sales scenarios, and grades their responses in order to determine their overall ability to effectively start, forward, and close the sales process, and the DISC assessment provides insight on why competency gaps may exist. The result is a highly specific training program based on the specific needs of each learner, and a much stronger and more capable salesforce that is focused on the buying needs of your prospects and current customers.

Target Audience:
Incoming or current salespeople, or others who rely on influence for productivity, regardless of their experience level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the 8 core behaviors that make or break sales careers
  • Learn how to determine the unspoken needs of the customer
  • Understand the pacing and priority levels of effective sales efforts
  • Learn how to reduce sales-related anxiety and stress for both customers and salespeople


  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Building Rapport & Influence
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Discipline
  • Closing Skills

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Essential Skills Workshops
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