Monthly Message from
Brandon Parker, CEO



June 2018

To all our clients and partners,

Last week the Assessments 24x7 team flew in from around the country to meet in person for a 3-day retreat. The goal was to celebrate the many "wins" throughout the past year and to discuss strategy for the future. The reason I am choosing this topic this month is because I feel it is important to share with you a little about our experience and outcome.


First of all, I must admit, if you don't take the time to sit down with your employees and teams, you need to do that more often. There is much to say about having time together talking about everything from business to personal life. There is extreme value in disconnecting from the day to day workload and getting to know each other better. In our case, we are already a tight knit organization, but we continued to build our dedication to each other, which helps set a strong foundation for productivity.


Out of the gate, we discussed recent "wins" for our company. These included the release of new products, relationships with new partners and feedback from marketing and sales efforts. We transitioned into new opportunities, product enhancements, overall business and marketing plans and specific ideas on how to provide an even better platform for our clients and partners. We spent time analyzing future trends. Many great ideas were on the table and some thorough brainstorming and planning occurred. I am giving you a little background to lead up to my main point of this message.


After the week was winding down, long hard days meeting and wonderful dinners and teambuilding, a more defined future is in store for Assessments 24x7. We are going to put all our efforts into offering the best products and services, with proven results, delivered with passion and purpose to continually exceed your expectations. I know, that was a lot in one sentence, so let me break it down. We are going to focus our efforts on our "CORE" product environment. (You can read more about our CORE on our website). This covers continually improving reports, our certifications and our on-site training solutions. The "CORE" also covers all relationships with our partners who promote and sell these exact versions or have a slightly customized approach. Our "CORE" environment has a proven track-record of success. All our employees are passionate about selling and delivering the opportunities. Finally, we want to have solutions from start to finish that take you from assessment to application, all while exceeding all your expectations. Without a doubt, these slight adjustments and renewed focus will benefit you.


In working with all of you we see the results. We know how big of an impact we all provide when it comes to helping people, building great teams and making great decisions. Every one of our employees this past week expressed the value of the end result. We are driven by the impact we leave and the opportunity to change and enhance lives.


In summary, we are 100% confident in our future. We have plans to improve and are staying focused on what matters to you and what provides results. I always encourage you to reach out to our employees and resources at whatever capacity will help you excel in your business. Take advantage of all we have to offer. Like I always say... It is our goal at A24x7 to not just be your assessment provider, WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASSESSMENT PARTNER. We will do whatever we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

April 2018

To all our clients and partners,

Next month I am going to provide some details on a new APP we are launching this summer. I will show some screen shots and provide some details about the features. We are very excited to launch this APP as it will dramatically improve your ability to use our assessment environment, from your phone or tablet. With that said, I thought I would take the opportunity in this month's newsletter to mention some simple points about engaging in effective meetings. The growth in our business has resulted in an increase in the need to hold internal meetings. On any given day, I might have 2-3 scheduled meetings. I came across some basic points about meetings from a past article by Dr. Tony that I wanted to pass on to you. These have really improved our productivity.


Need. Hold only those meetings for which there is a demonstrated need. Weekly status updates require a meeting only when five or more people need the information. You can speak to three or four people individually and save a lot of time. Regularly scheduled staff meetings may not be necessary if you have a small staff and have opportunity for frequent interaction. Meetings are ideal when you need to solve problems that are complex or affect many people, exchange technical information, or explain a complex policy, procedure or situation.


Attendees. Invite only attendees who can contribute or who have a serious need to know. The more people who attend a meeting, the longer it will take to accomplish your objectives. The ideal size for a working meeting is 5-7 people.


Agendas are an absolute must for every meeting. While having an agenda is the most critical element of effective meeting management, 75% of all meetings have no pre-planned agenda. If possible, distribute the agenda 48 to 72 hours prior to the session. Use an agenda even for last-minute meetings. The meeting leader can write an agenda on a flipchart or whiteboard or the agenda can be developed with the attendees as the first action of the group. Agendas not only help the attendees come prepared, they force the meeting leader to organize thoughts and priorities. A good agenda addresses issues in order of importance and allocates time to each issue.


Meetings should begin and end punctually. This sends a message to participants that their time is respected and that they are expected to respect the meeting time. You might consider beginning the meeting with an uncomplicated activity, so that those who still arrive late can catch up. Avoid "recapping" for late comers.


Adapting some of these points have proven quite effective for our company. Like I said in my opening comments, stay tuned for information on our upcoming APP.


I always encourage you to reach out to our employees and resources at whatever capacity will help you excel in your business. Take advantage of all we have to offer. Like I always say... It is our goal at A24x7 to not just be your assessment provider, WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASSESSMENT PARTNER. We will do whatever we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

March 2018

To all our clients and partners,

We have two very exciting new additions to our team here at Assessments 24x7 (A24x7). In previous messages, I talked about all our employees in detail to give you some background on their positions at our company, along with a little personal insight on each of them. This past month, we were lucky enough to bring on two new resources, ultimately to support you and your businesses. I would like to introduce to everyone Rick Barrera and Cathy Stephens.


For those of you who attended our January 2018 conference in San Diego, Rick Barrera was our opening keynote speaker. Rick has joined forces with A24x7 and will be working with us on our key strategic partnerships to strengthen relationships and develop new revenue opportunities for our clients. Rick has been a professional speaker, author, consultant and trainer for over 30 years. His specialties are leveraging fundamental shifts in business and revenue acceleration. Rick will be working closely with many of you to help grow your assessment business and offerings. You can learn more about Rick Barrera by visiting his website at


Cathy Stephens has an extensive history in changing lives through education. She's been a classroom teacher, a corporate trainer, a representative of education at the state level in higher education, and a public education certification and career services expert for many years. She joins this team, excited to take her expertise to a new level changing lives through assessment instruction and support. Cathy's passion is transformational learning and growth on a personal and professional level. As a member of the A24x7 team, Cathy will coach and mentor those in development programs to not only access the greatness in themselves, but encourage the same in their clients. She will work closely with Jennifer and, once again, be another great resource for certifications, debriefs, instructional design and, at the most basic level, available for your phone calls.


That is just a snapshot of what both of these new A24x7 team members have to offer. I always encourage you to reach out to our employees and resources at whatever capacity will help you excel in your business. Take advantage of all we have to offer. Like I always say... It is our goal at A24x7 to not just be your assessment provider, WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASSESSMENT PARTNER. We will do whatever we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

January 2018

To all our clients and partners,

We kicked off 2018 in full force, starting with our annual conference in San Diego. This year resulted in the highest attendance thus far. Those who attended got their money's worth, and then some. The energy is still being felt as we launch into 2018.


I would like to personally thank all who attended and especially our keynote and breakout speakers for your dedication to your professions and our partnership. This conference attendance sold out and next year we are looking to double the spaces available in order to not turn anyone away. The dates have been locked in, so consider this your first notice. Our next conference will be in San Diego January 23-25 2019 at the Marriott Liberty Station.


Off the top of my head, here are some plans for 2018, when it comes to products and services.


As many of you know, we are launching a new assessment called the PGI (Performance Gap Indicator), which is designed to give you a snapshot of an organization's culture in order to provide overall improvement. We plan to hold a webinar on this assessment and provide all the marketing materials needed to understand the benefit of this powerful tool.


We are exploring new selection based services. The goal being to provide steps, tools and materials to help in making great people decisions. These services will range from actual hard products, to one on one services to analyze your needs (or your clients' needs) and engage in a path to well informed decisions. As these services evolve, you will be kept in the loop.


Just to name a few, we expanded our partnerships to offer products such as "Taking Flight with DISC" with Take Flight Learning, team leadership and development systems with SalesFuel, organization analysis with Berkana, and "Biblical DISC" assessments with Lead Like Jesus. Each month we are bringing on board more options for you.


If you visit our website, you will see the new training programs and services introduced last year which are gaining momentum in 2018. While I mention those training services, I should also highlight our world class assessment certification, on-site training programs and services, personal debrief sessions and accredited continuing education credits with SHRM, ICF, HRCI, etc. You can learn more about all these on our website.


A lot is happening at Assessments 24x7 with more to come throughout 2018. The overall growth of this company and our partner network continues to soar. As I have mentioned in previous messages, please never hesitate to reach out to any of our staff and let us help you exceed your goals and expectations. I wish all of you the best for 2018 and continue to look forward to what we can do together.


Like I always say... It is our goal at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASSESSMENT PARTNER.

December 2017

To all our clients and partners,

For this month's message, I want to talk about our upcoming Leadership & Talent Development conference. We are less than a month away. If you have not already signed up to attend, please take a final look at our AMAZING line up of speakers, breakout sessions and events.

One key point about this conference is we are not just focusing on assessment-related content. Yes, that is obviously a big part; however, there are some great speakers and events relating to improving your overall business. Some of the best in the industry. We, along with our co-sponsor SalesFuel, spared no expense pulling this together for YOU.

We have...

  • 3 NSA Hall-of-Fame speakers - Brian Tracey, Jeffrey Gitomer and Ford Saeks.
  • 7 of our sessions are designed for improving your business results in 2018 and beyond.
  • The #1 rated speaker from our first three conferences, Steve Sisler, will cover DISC & Motivators.
  • Other top-named speakers include Gerhard Gschwandtner, the publisher of Selling Power Magazine; Lee Smith, the Founder of SalesFuel and the developer of the unique TeamKeeper software; Will Pemble, who built and sold; and Doug Sandler, who is a podcast GIANT with well over 1 million downloads.
  • Will Pemble, who built and sold He has been growing business for over 25 years.
  • A variety of breakout sessions with specific business and assessment-related focus.

Please take a look at all the details by going to our conference website. If you have already signed up, we look forward to seeing you next month - January 17-19 in San Diego.

I truly hope you all had a prosperous and productive 2017. We at Assessments 24x7 experienced a fantastic 2017 with tremendous growth, developing thousands of new partnerships around the world. I wish all of you the best for 2018 and continue to look forward to what we can do together. Don't ever hesitate to contact any of our staff as we are on this journey together.

Like I always say... It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASSESSMENT PARTNER.

November 2017

To all our clients and partners,

For this month's message, let's talk about our recent updates to our DISC Benchmark system.

We originally launched our DISC Benchmark system over 3 years ago. I am constantly impressed with how beneficial this system has become for many of our clients. When engaging in conversations, I am exposed to more ways this system is used and to countless success stories.

As you know, we never stop improving, pioneering and innovating. Same goes for this DISC Benchmark system. Your feedback has resulted in the following:

  • We now have a database of over 200 benchmarks from which you can choose. When creating a new benchmark, select from "PRESET TEMPLATES". Then use the searching options and find your desired benchmark.
  • You can create benchmarks by selecting from an existing user (top performer) or a group of users (top performers). Your selections will eventually produce a set of scores to save as your new benchmark.
  • We now have a Job Questionnaire. This allows you to complete an assessment for the job you are looking to fill. Your answers to the questions will result in a set of scores which you can use for your new Job Benchmark.
  • The on-screen tools for editing and creating manual benchmarks have been improved. We have sliders which produce the actual numbers; the graphs have been moved to a more prominent position; the overall speeds are faster, etc.

For those of you using our DISC Benchmark system, you will notice these updates next time you log into your account. If you have not activated this feature, or would like a personal demo or more information, please email Mark Snow at Mark is our dedicated DISC Benchmark resource and will be more than happy to spend the time helping you use this "Value Added" feature. You can also view our PDF instruction guide which covers all the features mentioned above.

Like I always say... It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASSESSMENT PARTNER.

October 2017

To all our clients and partners,

For this month's message, I want to introduce the newest member of our team, Jared Moore. There are two reasons I dedicated this month's message to this topic. First, I want you all to meet Jared. Second, I want to reiterate the fact that we bring on the best in hopes you too can take advantage of these resources. I will assume, at this point, most of you have met a few members of the team. I will also assume those interactions have played a decent role in your assessment and training needs which is one of my goals as CEO. I want the best team possible in order to provide exceptional service to enhance YOUR SUCCESS. With all that said, let me get back to introducing Jared

Jared previously served as a strategic advisor for our company for the past several years. He brings over 12 years of marketing experience and expertise to Assessments 24x7 as the new VP of Strategy. His main focus is to expand marketing, sales, and strategic operations for all of us. Prior to joining the Assessments 24x7 team, Jared spent five years helping grow Elevated, a prominent Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego. In his time at Elevated, the company experienced explosive three-year sales growth of 1,723% and landed a spot on the Inc. 500 list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies in 2015.

Jared started his marketing career in web design and development, which have been vital tools in laying the foundation of his decade-long Internet Marketing success. Understanding the technical elements of digital marketing, coupled with a unique insight into customer goals, has allowed him to design and implement effective marketing campaigns as well as stay ahead of the ever-growing learning curve of emerging marketing strategies.

Back to my second point mentioned in the opening. Beyond what Jared will bring to Assessments 24x7, he is also a resource for our clients and partners. Just as many of you have already worked closely with other members of our team, Jared is another one to add to your list. I'm trying not to be biased here; however, our marketing team is top notch. Dr. Tony, Matt and now Jared bring together years of experience across a variety of different avenues to promote the products and services offered at Assessments 24x7, but also as resources for you and your businesses. The door is always open and we will do our best to help you in all your assessment and training related needs. Like I always say... It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; we want to be your assessment partner.

September 2017

To all our clients and partners,

For this month's message, I want to discuss "Partner Feedback". Yes, partner feedback, because I can't stress enough how important your feedback is to our company. Much of what we have built, to provide you, is based off your feedback. We are constantly updating everything from our online software to our assessment content. I consider everyone involved in our assessment family a valuable contributor to our collective overall success.

Something I have observed over the years, with many of our clients, is a belief they must adapt to "how things are" vs. providing us feedback on "how things could/should be". Seems to me, I see this mindset from many who transition to our services from an assessment competitor. I believe with many companies in general, that is the case. You are stuck to use the products as they are provided without your feedback having an impact on improving the product or the experience. Since we are an ever-evolving software and online content provider, we are continuously pioneering and improving. It's called "creative destruction" or continuous improvement.

A great example of this happened recently. I was on the phone with a client and she mentioned a very tedious process for a particular team report she was manually creating. She would individually pull up a report, use a screen capture tool and cut and paste dozens of graphs into a Power Point Presentation. Hours were spent pulling this report together, which they run weekly, with hundreds of employees a month. This came about via a causal conversation regarding "how are things going". Hearing her feedback, we immediately programmed an ability to download graphs as .zip files for multiple people at one time, saving her hours and hours of work.

The point I am hoping to make in this month's message is that we very much appreciate your feedback. We want to know if you are spending hours on a tedious task we could potentially automate. We want to know if you are skipping sections of a report because they are irrelevant or too complicated. We want to know if there is an improvement you suggest or adjustment to an existing feature. The bottom line, we want to hear from you and urge you to take advantage of our open lines of communication, any day, any time. In fact, 24x7! Remember, your success is our success.

It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; we want to be your assessment partner.

July 2017

To all our clients and partners,

For this month's message, I want to introduce our staff here at Assessments 24x7. Many of you have already had introductions to one or more of us; however, I will give a brief introduction of all nine of our staff. Each employee is ready and willing to provide you with incredible service and support. Whether it is obtaining some exploratory information about our products, setting up and using your account, debriefing reports or discussing technical integration relationships, we have it all covered.

  • Dr. Tony Alessandra (Founder/CVO) - As most of you know, Dr. Alessandra is our founder and Chief Visionary Officer. Tony built this business from the ground up since 1974 with paper-based assessments and from 1996 with online assessments. He is always "hands on" and involved in the day-to-day operations. There are footprints of his expertise in most of the products we offer. Tony continues to travel and meet with various clients and still does several speeches each year. I know I speak for everyone in our company when I say we appreciate his mentorship, advice and involvement every day.
  • Brandon Parker (CEO) - I started working with Dr. Alessandra in 2000. The story of how we met is a fun one. I would be happy to get into details if you remind me in person, possibly at our A24x7 conference in January 2018. In summary, I was at his house and offered my assistance in bringing his Platinum Rule assessment to life on the web. He agreed and we built the bones for Version 1.0 of our online assessment system. The success was overwhelming and, as a result, we now house hundreds of assessments on our platform with thousands of clients throughout the world. My day-to-day job responsibilities keep me busy as I oversee all aspects of the company. In many cases, I am wearing different hats throughout the day - programming, report customization, new client negotiations, account training, etc. As you will read shortly, we have staff to cover all these; however, I love working with our clients and, many days, forget to even eat.
  • Steve Parker (CIO) - Steve is one of our staff that is mostly behind the scene, yet a foundation of this company. Steve pioneered the technical structure of our server systems along with being our lead programmer for the software systems you see today. His day-to-day is filled with the continual technical improvements we make to our systems and maintaining our cutting-edge server environment. He has been with the company for over 15 years.
  • Matt Dickson (CMO) - Matt came on board with Assessments 24x7 three years ago. Matt instantly set about launching an 18-month rebranding strategy for us that touched upon almost every facet of the business. In his first 13 months as CMO, our monthly gross sales and new client acquisition rates more than doubled, and in the past three years, our volume has quadrupled. Among many other things, Matt oversees sales & marketing objectives, brand conceptualization & management, marketing collateral creation, product redesign, copy-writing, social media management, advertising buys, website management and writing, email marketing, client consultations and new account procurement. The other aspect of Matt that I don't know if all clients are aware of is he is also available to you. He can help your business market and sell assessments and I encourage you to set up an appointment. The link to his schedule is
  • Ashley Wexler (Director of Quality Assurance) - I would assume many of our existing clients have at one time or another spoken to Ashley, or you might even still give her a call from time to time with questions. Ashley has been with our company for over 5 years. She spends most of her day supporting our clients with system-related questions or helping them find basic answers to product questions or system functionality. She also manages our CRM system and supports Matt with various sales and marketing related tasks. We also count on Ashley to review materials we push to the public when it comes to testing new products or updates, system related documentation and assessment related PDF reports. When it comes down to it, Ashley has her hands full and is pushed each day with a lot on her plate; however, she never pushes back.
  • Jennifer Voitlein (Director of Instructional Design & Certification) - I personally can't say enough about Jennifer. To give you a little background, we had a gap missing from this company for some time. In my opinion, it was a simple bridge between the products we sell and the clients who use them. We needed someone who could help bring those two together when it comes to certification and interpretation. Since Jennifer has joined our team, we have developed certifications for our five 'CORE' assessments, offered one-on-one debrief services, engaged in more team related in-person workshops, and created supporting training materials for various assessments. All of what I just mentioned is a constant work in progress as we continue to add and improve in the world of helping you get the most out of our assessments. I strongly urge everyone to reach out to Jennifer whenever you have questions about our assessments and their application, or if you want to discuss some ideas for your own workshops and presentations.
  • Brian Bell (Senior Software Architect) - Brian and I have a great story. Going back to 2000 when I worked on Version 1.0 of our system, Brian was at my side. We worked together in a small office in San Diego. We made sure our office had a big screen TV and video games, as many programmers did in those days. Our office was what you would expect of a couple of young web guys. Brian and I worked together for a few more years until he decided to take another job which was a good decision for him at the time. Fast forward 10 years, Brian and I reconnected and we were able to offer him a job back on the team. I don't think either of us spent much time contemplating the decision and he quickly became part of the team again. I couldn't have done all I personally did without Brian. I am thrilled we are working together again now. Right out of the gate, Brian jumped in and updated our systems to be mobile friendly and created the new interface we are using today - version 4.0. He is currently working on a mobile app and making updates daily to the software. In my opinion, there is nobody out there who can match the expertise of Brian; we can count on him for everything we want to accomplish.
  • Suzette Chaparro (Director of Customer Retention) - Very similar to Ashley, Suzette is on the front lines speaking with many of you each day. Currently, she is the one you would meet with to receive your initial review of our software. She works on daily "virtual tours", account instruction materials and online web-based training videos. When she is not training, she is following up with questions and helping our customers achieve what they desire. As if she wasn't busy enough with multiple trainings a day, we have tasked her on other projects such as conference planning, monthly billing organization, internal project testing, etc. Suzette has been with the company for over 2 years now. For me personally, at one point in time, I was the person on the phone all day doing our system training for clients. It was a little hard to let that go, but I know everyone is in great hands and we are offering the best customer service and experience with Suzette.
  • Mark Snow (Vice President of Program Development) - Last on this list, but certainly not least, is Mark Snow. Mark is the newest member of our team. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with hundreds of leading organizations on a variety of performance improvement initiatives specializing in the areas of leadership impact, strategic performance interventions, instructional design for classroom delivery, and defining success metrics to ensure alignment to business needs. Mark is a Master Certified Practitioner of the DISC assessment and has utilized his expertise to provide a deeper understanding of group dynamics and cultural impact with organizations across the globe. He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader and speaks regularly for ATD, Training Magazine, IQPC, SHRM, and other performance-based associations and groups. Mark is pioneering new training programs for Assessments 24x7 and working closely with Jennifer on overall program development. We have been extremely grateful to have Mark join our team.

You can read all the full bios of our employees on our website It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; we want to be your assessment partner.

Next month I will introduce our new APP coming later this year. You will get a sneak peek at some of its features.

June 2017

To all our clients and partners,

For this month's message, I want to discuss two new product upgrades we recently launched at Assessments 24x7. As you already know, we are 100% responsive to your feedback and continuously develop and improve our product offerings based on what is important to you and your customers. In gathering feedback and working with our partners, we have created a new and improved DISC360 along with an updated EIQ-2 that includes twenty new sub categories.

  • DISC360 - Our new DISC360 integrates your self-scores along with collected observer data. Prior to this update, the 360's offered only displayed individual observer graphs. The new report is filled with a variety of data. As you browse through the report, you will have all the same valuable information as found in our DISCSelf report... along with various areas covering how your observers responded. This report provides individual context for DISC relevant style insight in addition to expanding on observer feedback. If you are interested in a demo or using this new report, please contact our team at You can view a sample report by going to
  • EIQ-2 - Improvements to our EIQ-2 report are receiving fantastic feedback. As you may already know, the report was broken into four categories. We have now added detailed scoring and development for 20 sub-categories. This upgrade adds a tremendous amount of additional detail for each of the four categories. These enhancements were applied directly to the existing EIQ-2 assessment. If you are already using this report, you will immediately see the updates reflected in your reports. If you are interested in a demo or using this new report, please contact our team at You can view a sample report by going

It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; we want to be your assessment partner.

Next month I will introduce our new APP coming later this year. You will get a sneak peek at some of its features.

May 2017

To all our clients and partners,

My plan for the 2017 CEO messages is to highlight a system tip or featured area of our software. This month, I cover some of the additional services we offer, including certification, marketing materials and other resources available via your account.

  • Certification - Our founder, Dr. Tony Alessandra, and our Director of Instructional Design Jennifer Voitlein, have developed certification programs for each of our CORE assessments. These certification programs are self-paced for your convenience and include 1-on-1 instructor-led sessions (via Zoom or Skype). Each of our assessment certifications has been recognized for continuing education (CE) credits with SHRM, HRCI, ATD and ICF. As CEO, I find myself analyzing and studying all aspects of this business. One of the more intriguing areas is the growth of those who engage in our certification programs. Achieving the confidence and greater understanding of the assessment products is resulting in higher contracts and greater numbers of referrals and clients. If you are interested in exploring our options, please visit our certification web page at
  • FREE Marketing Materials - We are asked quite frequently, "What do you offer to help us market the assessments?" In order to help you with those answers, we have developed a variety of marketing one-sheets. When introducing assessments to your clients, these materials are great for an overall understanding and application. We cover all our CORE assessments along with our top sellers, essentials, 360s and specialty products. We also have some marketing one-sheets relating to hiring, selection, and why using assessments is beneficial. For most of you, these are accessible via the home page of your assessment account. If you don't have access to these, please email us at and we will point you in the right direction.
  • FREE Additional Resources - Beyond the FREE marketing materials, we offer a variety of trainer materials, sample reports, demo assessments and webinars. There is a resource center located on the home page of your account with links to all of these resources. Over the years, we have dedicated our systems to meet your needs. We are not just selling assessment products; we are providing you with everything you need from start to finish. This includes the initial virtual tour of our assessment dashboard, demo assessments, sample reports and materials for in-person or virtual training. The other point I would like to make is we are ALWAYS looking for feedback on what else we can provide you to support your business. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

It is our goal here at Assessments 24x7 to not just be your assessment provider; we want to be your assessment partner.

Next month I will introduce two upgrades to existing projects. Our new DISC 360 and EIQ-2 improvements.

April 2017

To all our clients and partners,

My plan for the 2017 CEO messages will be to highlight a system tip or featured area of our software. This month, I will review a few different ways to invite individuals to complete assessments.

Customization and flexibility is the foundation to our environment at Assessments 24x7. This is also true when it comes to inviting individuals to complete assessments. Here are some of the options available to you.

  • Manual inviting from the home page of your account - You can use our built-in tool to type in a first name, last name and email address. Our system will then send an email to the specified person with access to complete the assessment. The email is customized by you and the content and access is specific only to that individual.
  • Setting up an Assessment Access Link - If you prefer to send one assessment link to multiple people, you're in luck. There is a one-step process to set up the link, which includes settings for viewing (or not viewing) reports, assigning to a group, language preferences, emailing copies of the report to any number of specified email addresses, etc. You would then copy this link and send it to multiple people at one time via your own email system. This gives you a variety of flexibility when it comes to the timing, content and reliability.
  • Using key codes - If you want to provide your users with a code to include as part of the registration, our system allows for a simple generation and download of specific "codes" which are required to complete an assessment. You can generate these codes and distribute them along with your Assessment Access Link. We have also seen the use of codes to be beneficial to clients who set up product links in their shopping carts and deliver codes upon purchases.
  • Bulk import and invitation process - Using the manual inviting feature from the home page of your account, you have the ability to import a .CSV or .TXT file with multiple names and email addresses at one time. Once imported, you click a single button to have multiple emails sent to all relevant individuals. Each person will click their specific link in the email to gain access to the assessments. Once again, you have the ability to edit the content of the email prior to sending.
  • Retail links - Are you interested in having individuals pay for the assessment upon registration? You can take advantage of our "RETAIL LINK" functionality. You can turn your Assessment Access Link into a PAID link. Each person who uses this link will be required to pay for the assessment at the time of registration. You set the pricing and can connect to your own gateway system to receive payments immediately.

Having been in this industry for decades, we listen to our customers, which results in a variety of options and flexibility. As you know, we are constantly improving our systems as a result of our interactions with you and our dedication to providing you with the best assessment software in the industry.

Next month I will cover some of our additional services such as certification, marketing materials, demo assessments and items available from our FREE resource center.

March 2017

To all our clients and partners,

My plan for the 2017 CEO messages will be to highlight a system tip or featured area of our software. This month, I will highlight our updated Sub-Account functionality.

You have asked and we have delivered. Here are some of the latest updates relating to Sub-Accounts.

  • Set up an unlimited number of sub-accounts - for FREE.
  • Your sub-accounts have their own login for access to their specific account.
  • Each sub-account has site and report branding capabilities. Add their logos or banners to the web site and a logo to the report covers.
  • You can either transfer credits from your account to your sub-accounts and bill them directly, or add your gateway system, set the pricing for each assessment and your sub-accounts can purchase directly from the site. The money goes right into your bank account.
  • You have complete management control over all your sub-accounts, which allows you to log in to each account, set up assessment links, view assessment users, download reports, run group/team reports, add custom branding, etc. All the features available in your account are now included in your sub-accounts (except the ability to set up their own sub-accounts).
  • One login access for you to log in to all your sub-accounts.

Why would you want to activate Sub-accounts? Do you have a downline of distributors who need their own assessment account? Do you have clients who can manage their own assessment accounts? Are you working with companies with multiple divisions or locations? Do you want to have separate branding for your distributors or clients? There are a variety of reasons this updated feature can be of benefit to you. To explore this feature further, please contact us at We can either immediately turn this sub-account feature on, or set up a demo to go over the features and answer your questions.

Next month, I will discuss the various ways you can invite people to complete assessments.

February 2017

To all our clients and partners,

I hope January kicked off 2017 for you with a bang. It definitely has at Assessments 24x7. My plan for the 2017 CEO messages will be to highlight a system tip or featured area of our software. This month, I will highlight our team and collaboration reporting.

Were you aware you have unlimited FREE team and group reporting? It is another "value add" we offer to our Client Administration Accounts. Under the "GROUP REPORTING" menu option, you have access to creating as many group and team reports as needed, at no additional charge. We have a variety of options available. We can also create custom reports if you identify a need that will bring additional benefits to you. Contact us at to discuss team reporting customization.

Alongside our team and groups, we have UNLIMITED DISC collaboration reporting. This feature allows you to view two people side by side in one report. The report covers the style differences, strengths, struggles, work style tendencies, communication plans, motivations, and a lot more. It is a great tool for comparing two people for improving relationships or productivity.

Next month, I will discuss Sub Accounts.

January 2017

To all our clients and partners,

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!!

We are feeling a lot of momentum going into 2017. I have not had such a busy December as I have this past month. Through all the conversations and activity we have seen this past month, it is obvious we are gearing up for explosive growth in 2017. I am confident this year will bring great opportunity for all of us.

My plan for the 2017 CEO messages will be to highlight a system tip or featured area of our software.

To start off January, I will highlight our capability to brand both the website and the PDF reports with your own custom graphics. Did you know that you can have the assessment website match your business website? The PDF reports you provide your clients or employees can also have your logo on the cover of the reports. We can even go as far as customizing the reports from a complete graphic overhaul to the addition or removal of text and pages. Our capabilities to customize will match whatever is your desire or vision.

The capability to include your branding provides your clients and employees an experience where they are always connected to you throughout the assessment experience.

The immediate tools available via the website give you quick and easy access to change the website graphics and add a logo to your reports. You can view the instructions and tutorials for the details on where to begin. You can also call or email our customer service staff at any time along the way.

Next month, I will provide some tips and an overview of our DISC Collaboration Reporting tool.

November 2016

To all our clients and partners,

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

The days never go by where I am not thankful for all of you, who work with us to continually make our business together the best possible. I am also very thankful for the wonderful team here at Assessments 24x7.

In the recent weeks we have made some great improvements to our software, launched some new reports, developed new training materials and certifications and overall continued our goal to provide you with the best products and service in our industry. I am thankful for this opportunity to do this for you.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and once again, we appreciate you and your commitment to our company.

October 2016

To all our clients and partners,

What a great October!! We had finest Annual Users Conference so far. If you missed it, I urge you to attend our next event.

Our conference covered a variety of topics and, for the first time, we offered a live DISC and Motivators certification day. The certification day feedback was extremely positive. Those who attended received what they came for... and much more. If you didn't make the live event, we offer certification for a variety of assessments year-round. Those details are located on our website.

Beyond the world class speakers and specific assessment presentations, the best part of this conference was the time well spent with our clients. We strengthen our business relationships and personal friendships as we, our team, progresses in this business. You cannot put a price on the benefits of this in-person time together.

For many of you, this was our first time meeting in person. Thank you for attending. What a pleasure to get to know all of you. For those who returned for the second or third time, it was great to see you and I appreciate the dedication of our team.

For me, these in-person events are extremely productive. We all have the opportunity to network, learn more about using assessments, explore new offerings and walk away with revived motivation for success. I personally leave this event with a powerful re-affirmation that we at Assessments 24x7 provide great products and a world class team to support YOU.

This is my goal as CEO of this business - to provide you with the tools and supporting team so you can excel in your business. We are continually here for you in whatever capacity you need. This event reassures me that our company is fulfilling its mission.

Once again, thank you attending the 2016 Annual Users Conference. Like I said in my last message, we know you have a variety of "CHOICES" and we absolutely do appreciate you as a valued client and partner.

August 2016

To all our clients and partners,

This month I would like to focus on "CHOICES". On a daily basis, I am aware of the various assessment providers that are available in the market. I want to start off by expressing my gratitude that you have chosen Assessments24x7. I appreciate every one of our clients and I never take for granted your business and partnership. If this message reached you and you are currently not part of our team, I encourage you to join us.

Since day one, this business has been the focal point of my life. It has given my staff and me exactly what we hoped for when it comes to our professional and personal lives. For me, the most important aspect has been developing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. In most cases, I categorize these relationships as partners and friends. We care deeply about everyone who joins our family. You are never just a number in a database.

It takes a great team to excel in our business. At Assessments 24x7, we will always go the extra mile to make sure we are upholding our commitment to the team. We are constantly developing, improving and pioneering. Our goal is to provide you with the best product in the market along with unmatched customer service. Our doors are always open for communication and collaboration. Our phones are always at our side and we encourage you to work with us so our team is successful.

Once again, thank you for choosing Assessments 24x7. We know you have a variety of "CHOICES" and we absolutely do appreciate you.

July 2016

To all our clients and partners,

This month, I'm focusing on our 2016 Users Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa in beautiful San Diego, October 6th and 7th. This is a great opportunity for you to grow your business and network with fellow coaches. This year's conference is packed with significant takeaways and a lineup of top-notch speakers.

To top it off, we are also offering LIVE Certification training for DISC and Motivators on Wednesday, October 5th, the day before the conference.

We have collected feedback from all those who have attended our conferences in the past. Here are a few of their randomly selected comments.

"I can't wait to attend the 2016 Users Conference! Last year, everyone learned new ways for selling, marketing and applying the assessments we use with our clients. I will definitely be returning in 2016, all the way from New Zealand!" - Sandra Davis, PeopleSmart World
"We made the investment to travel from Australia to attend the 2015 Users Conference and we were not disappointed! The conference topics and insights learned have enabled us to deliver higher-value solutions to clients, which are growing our business. I'm looking forward to the 2016 Users Conference to learn more and grow our business further!" - Lynette Embree, Success for Life Coaching
"The Assessments 24x7 annual Users Conference was my first and I loved it! I was just starting to use assessments in my coaching business and this conference gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level." - Clara Noble, Noble Global Results Inc.
"The 2015 Users Conference exposed me to consultants using a new combination of assessments to advise leaders and teams. I followed up with one of the speakers, who had an approach addressing talent analytics that fit with my approach. This connection would never have happened without your conference. I'm looking forward to the 2016 Users Conference!" - Krys Amdurer, Southwest Center for Organization Effectiveness

This year's conference topic is "Grow Your Coaching Business". Our conference provides the perfect venue to learn best practices, develop new skills, network with fellow coaches and see presentations from world-class speakers who will challenge you to grow.

For two days, we will host presentations from international keynote speakers, insightful assessment trainers and some of the world's top coaches on a variety of topics designed to provide you with a competitive coaching advantage. We also are offering the optional Certification day prior to the start of the general conference.

This year we have gone above and beyond to offer you our BEST CONFERENCE TO DATE.

I hope you can attend. For more information, please click here. Alternatively, call our office at 206-400-6647.

June 2016

To all our clients and partners,

We believe in the concept of "Creative Destruction" - taking whatever currently exists in our assessment system and replacing it with something better. This applies to our assessment reports, assessment platform, assessment training materials, etc.

As many of you know, we recently launched a major upgrade to the user interface of our software platform. We are constantly listening to our customers. We collected a variety of feedback and decided to creatively destruct our existing system and bring to you some great improvements - a new design, simplified menus and improved features. These pages are completely mobile friendly across all devices. We offered our clients the ability to stay on the previous software version or move to the new platform and everyone took the opportunity to upgrade.

We appreciate all the positive feedback and want you to know that we always listen to your requests to provide you with EXACTLY what you need. We take pride in our astounding customer service and assessment and platform customization. Every day we are working to provide you with the best software and product support. Your comments are always welcomed.

You can view an overall summary of the updated system by viewing our virtual tour by clicking here.

May 2016

To all our clients and partners,

Thank you for your continued confidence in Assessments 24x7. On behalf of our entire team, I can tell you that we are motivated and inspired by your talents. We are excited for the future and humbled by the opportunity to collaborate with each of you!

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to developing our people, strengthening our capabilities, and building trusting relationships. We pride ourselves on delivering quality assessment products aligned with your key objectives. Delivering results that exceed your expectations remains our top priority.

I also want to thank everyone who attended our annual Users Conference the last couple years and extend an invitation for everyone to attend this October's 2016 Users Conference. In just its first 2-years, this conference has proven to be a unique opportunity for attendees to network with our global assessment community, hear from a talented pool of professional speakers and learn about the latest industry developments. If you haven't done so already, book your seat and we will see you in October!

If there is anything we can do to improve our service, myself and the rest of Assessments 24x7 team is here to listen. Please do not hesitate to contact us!