Brian Bell

Brian Bell


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    Hi, my name is Brian!

    I like programming! The history I have with the amazing people at this company is something I couldn't ask more for and I hope it continues for the rest of the years I have in this world.

    If you can read this, I hope your day is wonderful and beautiful. That is all.

Born and raised in San Diego, Brian has over 20 years of programming and development experience under his belt. For the better part of his teen years, Brian could often be found hidden behind a mountain of programming books. Self-taught and still striving to keep on the edge of technology, Brian brings the ideas and creative vision for the software to life for the world to see.

Brandon and Brian met back in the early 2000's and worked together for a better part of those years building software that would eventually evolve in to the software you see today. Along with Steve, the three spent many years having development meetings at our favorite Mexican spot down the street from the little office where we worked.

For a short time after this, Brian went a different direction where he worked with one of the top credit reporting agencies in San Diego. Building the foundation of a system that would go on to pull millions of credit reports; Brian directed a team of 6 very talented developers where he was able to hone his management skills as well as keeping the razors edge on his development side.

In 2015 Brandon and Brian came together from fates call and Brian rejoined the Assessments24x7 team.

Brian's passion has always been programming, he helps push the envelope for the Assessments24x7 software and helps spearhead new technology and development efforts moving the systems forward.

Brian lives with his wife of 12 years, Stephanie, and his daughter Tabitha, both of whom help drive him to be the best he can be in life. And the people at Assessments24x7 will always be considered part of his family and something that he wouldn't want to be without.