A Master Distributor is a distributor or reseller of assessments who has their own Master Distributor Site (MDS). An MDS is web-based platform that features your company name and logo, using our powerful — yet simple — dashboard that integrates into your own website. This ensures personal and professional branding for your existing business while simultaneously leveraging our assessment catalogue and technical support.


An MDS means managing your own, self-branded, online “white label” assessment website without having to make the significant investments associated with developing the online assessment technology and site infrastructure. We will work with you to make sure that your MDS incorporates your business' logos, colors, links and layout.


Every MDS is a turnkey, automated, revenue-generating assessment site designed to enhance your assessment services and maximize profits with minimal additional effort on your part. Tell us your assessment needs by completing the short questionnaire on the Contact Us page, and we will get back to you with a demo of our system platform!

What are the Greatest Benefits of a MDS?

  • An MDS allows its owners to designate their own retail prices for the assessments they sell.
  • Charge end users, companies and even other resellers through your own merchant credit card account.
  • Have your own branding, (look/feel/copy.)
  • Pay our lowest prices per assessment and maximize your ROI.
  • If you sell 250 or more individual assessments per year to end users, companies or other resellers, the MDS is cost-effective — even with the one-time programming cost — due to the lower cost per assessment purchased.

What does a Master Distributor Site cost? How long would it take to build?

Our team can build most Master Distributor Sites in less than 30-days, for an initial one-time programming cost of $3,500. You will have unlimited access to our entire assessment catalog. We will bill you electronically at the 1st of each month for assessments used during the previous month. There are no other fees or costs.

In Summary, your MDS:

  • Has a powerful dashboard that makes management of your assessments easy, with numerous automated functions such as our email engine, e-commerce-enabled customer credit card purchasing, ability to customize the site and reports, etc.
  • Allows fully secure automated credit card transactions. (Does not include the separate cost of a necessary SSL certificate, for about $100/year.)
  • Has full-time technical support (7:00am - 6:00pm Pacific Time) to handle end user questions or issues.
  • Provides you the ability to set up Consultant Admin Accounts for corporate, association or reseller (quantity purchase) customers.
  • Utilizes several back-up servers to secure the integrity of your data.

Still undecided? Consultant Admin Account (CAA) vs. Master Distributor Site (MDS)?

Site Branding  - Allows you to add a design header and footer to the web page to match your company design.
yes yes
Report Branding and Customization - Allows you to customize the report output for any assessment. This includes logos, text edits or overall formatting at no extra charge.
yes yes
Assessment Links - Allows you to create links which give access to your assessments.
yes yes
Support  - Allows you to choose between using our online support resources or designating your email address as the first help desk responder.
yes yes
Secure SSL Capabilities - Allows you to run your assessments via https or http environments. If https security is desired, this is made available for an extra charge of approx. $99.00 per year.
yes yes
Usage Reports  - Allows you to generate usage reports for web screen viewing or Excel download. These reports display totals and individual assessment usage over any given date-range search.
yes yes
Viewing Data  - Allows you to view all the end user data and reports taken via your assessment links.
yes yes
Group and Team Reporting - Allows you to run composite reports based on groups or assessment access links. These reports include all selected end users and combine them into one report. The ability to customize these reports is also available at an extra charge.
yes yes
Sub-Accounts  - Allows you to grant assessment access to individual companies, trainers or coaches.
yes yes
Sub-Account White-labeling & Report Customization - Allows your clients to white-label their online assessment questionnaires and PDF assessment reports (for free). In effect, your sub-accounts become full-fledged Consultant Admin Accounts (CAAs) themselves. Plus, your client accounts have the option of requesting additional report customization for a charge, (pricing varies based on complexity.)
no yes
Credit Card Processing (e-commerce) - Allows you to use your own credit card merchant account and gateway system to accept credit card transactions and sell assessments to any company or trainer via your MDS. This feature is designed for you to set up client accounts and enable those accounts to purchase assessments directly from your MDS, (saving you countless hours of billing each month,) whereas in the CAA environment, sub-accounts use assessments deducted directly from your own account totals, in which case you would responsible for billing your sub-accounts independently from our system.
no yes
Custom Domain Name - Use a custom domain name for your admin assessment platform at an extra charge of $20.00 per year. CAAs are part of an existing assessment website. An MDS is a completely separate website, which is accessed through a custom domain name of your choosing.
no yes
Discounted Assessment Pricing - Immediately start at Gold level pricing (up to 40% less than our entry-level Bronze pricing).
no yes
Free DISC Certification - DISC Certification (reg $895- $1,295) means the knowledge and authority to better sell and coach DISC assessments. Dr. Tony Alessandra (founder & CVO) will personally provide free training and certification for one member of your organization. Learn more about our DISC Practitioner Certification program HERE.
no yes


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